The lack of political agreement weighs on the renewal of institutions

Updated: Saturday, February 27, 2021 7:00 AM

Published on: 02/27/2021 7:32 AM

The dialogue exploded despite the fact that the government and the PP almost closed the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary. “Irreconcilable” differences caused the negotiations to fail, pushing, once again, the governing body of interim judges, a situation in which it has been plunged for more than two years.

Pedro Sánchez severely criticized the fact that the PP stopped negotiations and accused the formation of a blockade. The “popular” justify the break because there were candidates from Podemos.

Victoria Rosell, government delegate against gender-based violence, and Ricardo de Prada, one of the judges in the Gürtel case, are, in principle, the two names on which the most differences have been generated.

“The names that are put on the table by the political formations are always people with a curriculum, accredited. Talking about a veto is not the way to propose a negotiation”, severely criticized Pedro Sánchez during a press conference. this Friday.

“With Podemos, no”, ruled Javier Maroto, spokesman for the PP in the Senate. “We cannot admit illegalities, proposals that go in the opposite direction of what we want, depoliticize the board of directors of judges. De Prada is an active duty judge and the delegate for gender violence, Ms. Rosell, an active policy “, Enrique López, Minister of Justice of the Community of Madrid, replied bluntly.

United We cannot understand why the negotiations have stopped. “The excuse that the PP linked to United Podemos was not an obstacle to reaching an agreement on the renewal of Radio Televisión Española,” Jaume Asens, president of United Podemos-En Comú, told Congress.

In this sense, those of Pablo Iglesias say that the PP wants to control the judiciary for corruption cases that affect it.

Precisely, the end of the negotiations on the CGPJ intervened less than 24 hours after the first major agreement of the legislator to renew the board of directors of RTVE. Rosa María Mateo will cease to be the sole administrator of RTVE and José Manuel Pérez Tornero will become the President of the Company.

The PSOE told LaSexta that the dialogue on public television took place between the PSOE, United We Can, PP and PNV. However, the PP stressed that only socialist and popular groups participated.

Ciudadanos spoke of “pantomime” and denounced that the process had been “adulterated”, in the words of deputy Guillermo Díaz. Vox attacked the decision and members of the far-right party came to sarcastically shout in Congress “kiss, kiss”.

constitutional Court

Another of the institutions without renewal due to the intersection of vetoes between parliamentary groups in Congress is the Constitutional Court.

In November 2019, the nine-year terms of four of its 12 members came to an end. Its president, Juan José González Rivas, has officially asked the Lower House to start the procedure for their renewal, however, everything indicates that they will continue to exercise their functions despite the fact that there have already been negotiations.

According to article 159 of the Constitution, of the total number of members of the Court, four are proposed by Congress by a three-fifths majority (which must be renewed); four proposed by the Senate with the same majority; two proposed by the government and two by the General Judicial Council.

Defender of the People

On the other hand, the name of the socialist spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Ángel Gabilondo, rang out to be Ombudsman, an institution that also needs to be renewed. He himself replied that “for any Spanish citizen, being a mediator would be a great honor”, however he added that no one had communicated anything to him and that he was “fully” committed to his mission “in Madrid”.

For its renewal, it is necessary that a joint committee of Congress and Senate propose a name and subsequently three-fifths of Congress approve it. Then, within a maximum of 20 days, the Senate must ratify the appointment.

Since the summer of 2017, Francisco Fernández Marugán has held this post after his predecessor, Soledad Becerril, refused to remain in office beyond the five years provided for by law.

Court of Audit

Next July, the Court of Auditors must also be renewed at the end of its nine-year mandate. By law, its 12 councilors are elected by Congress and the Senate by a three-fifths majority. The presidency of this court is renewed every three years between the various councilors who compose it.

Presidency of the Spanish Data Protection Agency

Since July 2019, the presidency of the Spanish Data Protection Agency and its deputy must also be renewed. They are appointed by the government on the proposal of the Ministry of Justice from among persons with recognized competence in the matter. The term of office is five years and can be renewed for another similar period.

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