The largest cluster of sapphires in the world found by chance

They say no one knows when someone’s price will reverse. Something similar happened with a Sri Lankan man who was digging a well in his house and had the world’s largest sapphire stone in his hand. Its value in the international market has been estimated at $ 100 million or 7 billion 43 crore 75 lakh 15 thousand rupees. Its greatness can be measured by the fact that this sapphire is 2.5 million carats.

It is believed to be the largest sapphire in the world. According to the BBC report, the family who obtained this sapphire have been buying and selling gemstones in the Ratanpura region for three generations. Gamage, the owner of this sapphire, said: “The person digging the well immediately alerted us to a rare stone. Gamage immediately informed authorities. This discovery of sapphire took place a year ago.

This sapphire was so big that it only took a year to clean it. After that, he was checked after proper investigation. Ratanpura is called the gemstone capital of the world and experts are also baffled by this discovery. Gamini Joysa, a specialist in gemstones, said that we have never seen such a large sapphire before. This sapphire was probably made 400 million years ago.

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