The latest Windows 10 update could destroy your SSD

We haven’t seen serious errors in any Windows 10 update in a long time. It’s not that we missed them. In fact, we were very happy to see how Microsoft learned from its mistakes and left behind catastrophic launches that wiped out personal files, made the disk scan tool useless, and much more. However, everything indicates that they could have recovered with the latest cumulative update KB4592438.

A new problem for Windows 10

Source: BornCity

As the German site BornCity reports, a large number of users are reporting an issue that affects their SSD (Solid State Drives). It all happens when users run chkdsk c: / f on the command console. This command is used to check the disk and repair any errors. Apparently after running it, many users get blue screen with Stop-Error NTFS File System error and cannot turn on their computer again.

What users affected by this issue have in common is that they have the latest cumulative update for Windows 10 October 2020 Update installed on their computer (KB4592438). The bad news is that apparently so far there is no known workaround for this problem. The good news is, this is an error that won’t affect us if we don’t run the command, so we don’t need to pause the update or restore the system to operating at a previous state.

Microsoft has yet to comment on this issue. We are awaiting information from you soon, especially for those users affected by the error. Whenever an issue like this arises, a debate that has existed among us for years is fueled, are Windows 10 updates tested sufficiently? Did we lose a lot of quality control with the move from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10? So far, and unfortunately, it seems to be.

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