The launch of the Xbox Series X | S was the most successful

Today, Microsoft announced that its Xbox Series X launch | S this week was its most successful Xbox launch, providing very few details. For example, the company confirmed that it sold more units than in any previous launch. Naturally, he did not indicate how many were sold or how many were sold in previous versions.

The new generation of Xbox takes over

The Redmond-based firm also said the Xbox Series S added the highest percentage of new players of any Microsoft console at launch. Note that this does not say the majority of new players, but rather the highest percentage of new players. Again, however, he doesn’t say how many new players there are, or even what the percentage is. Presumably, Microsoft has just calculated the number of consoles linked to an Xbox Live account that had never been linked to a console before.

Of the two consoles that came out, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S (there is no real mark to identify the new generation), 70% of new devices use Xbox Game Pass. And Microsoft said that included both new and existing subscribers. Again, there are no further details here.

The only hard data offered by Microsoft is that 3,594 games have been played. This is more than played on any previous Xbox version. This is possible because it is the first Xbox console to be fully compatible with its predecessor. Besides games that require Kinect, you can play anything that is compatible with Xbox One, including thousands of Xbox One games, hundreds of Xbox 360 games, and dozens of Xbox games.

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