The law on democratic memory could put an end to 30 noble titles of the Franco regime

Updated: Friday July 23, 2021 3:51 PM

Posted: 23.07.2021 15:49

Thirty Spanish nobles could be stripped of their title with the new law on democratic memory. It is about thirty marquisates and duchies of the 40 that Francisco Franco appointed until the end of the dictatorship, in 1978. Now, with the new norm, they can be an exaltation of the civil war and the dictatorship.

The power to grant these titles is unique to the Crown, so Rodolfo Orantos Martín, professor of noble law at the University of Ávila, considers these appointments to be “a usurpation of office and, therefore, their dismissal is appropriate” .

The dictator bestowed these honors on merits in the civil war or on people who had been relevant in the regime. Some of the titles with which this law could end are, for example, the Marquesado de Queipo de Llano, lieutenant general who led a military coup in Seville that caused the deaths of more than 3,000 people.

The Marquis of General Yagüe, known as the butcher of Badajoz, would also be eliminated, as well as that of the Marquis de Saliquet, known as the butcher of Castile.

The Duchy of Emilio Mola would also be extinct. He was one of the soldiers who led the coup of 1936. Today this title is held by his grandson Emilio Mola y Pérez Laborda.

Franco’s own duchy, granted by King Juan Carlos, would also disappear, leaving the dictator’s family without this distinction.

From now on, the government will have to prepare a catalog, which will be the authority of the Ministry of Justice. “It is expected that a case will be established and it will be analyzed if these titles are a consequence of the exaltation of the Franco regime,” said Diego Llafón, partner at Sanguino Abogados.

However, this is where the legal experts differ. “A person who for 40 years has used a title publicly, peacefully and without interruption without having been disturbed in his possession confirms it in his favor”, explained the magistrate. In this way, the grandchildren, children or parents who hold the titles today could attempt to claim.

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