“The law would suit the deal”


Updated: Monday June 28, 2021 09:40

Published: 06/28/2021 9:39 AM

Barely 24 hours after meeting the President of the Generalitat, Pedro Sánchez launched a message before the first contact of the dialogue table in Catalonia: the self-determination referendum is not part of the plans of the national executive.

“Just as the Spanish government sent a resounding message with these pardon measures, Catalonia must now speak with Catalonia. It is not possible to make invisible a no lesser part of Catalan citizenship that does not share the sheet of road to independence, “President said on Monday in an interview with Cadena Ser.

Thus, according to Sánchez, “Spanish democracy does not ask anyone to change their mind”. Thus, according to the head of government, they are not going to make him change his position either: “I see Spain with Catalonia inside. What we are asking is that democratic legality be respected”, he insists.

Now, although Sánchez has denied that the referendum is the best option to resolve the conflict in Catalonia, he considers that “within the framework of the law, an agreement would be possible”. “Why are we going to Catalan citizens to pose the problem to them? This would demonstrate the inability of the politician to find agreements,” he underlines.

This is why he stressed his premature “no” to accepting the concessions of Pere Aragonés, who in addition to the referendum has in mind to ask for amnesty for those responsible for the trial. However, the national president wanted to remain frank and once again denies his intention to support a vote of Catalan society: or is Spanish “, sentence.

Junqueras, outside the dialogue table

With the prisoners on trial released from prison, it is still unclear what the responsibility of some of the jailed leaders will be throughout the negotiation process to unblock the situation in Catalonia. But faced with the possibility of Junqueras being part of the dialogue table, Sánchez once again shows his refusal.

“It is a table between governments, between representatives of executives. Junqueras still has years of disqualification,” he said. Yet despite these statements, the national leader recognizes an improvement in relations with the leader of the ERC, although according to what he points out there is “a long way to go”: “We must all be generous and empathetic” , he emphasizes.

Thus, according to the president, “there are citizens who feared for their lives, their jobs…”; For this reason, the objective is “to answer these urgent questions, and concludes:” We have given a resounding message in favor of dialogue and improvement “, so that, in such moments, the solution of the conflict , in the eyes of the president, lies in the postures on either side of the table.

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