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the essentials A public meeting was held in the bikini on Sunday afternoon. In the presence of 350 people, Myriam Martin, chairwoman of the list of Occitanie populaire, an alliance of rebellious France, the New Anti-Capitalist Party and the Democratic and Social Left, and its Vice-President explained their program.

A bikini launch meeting for the popular Occitania List campaign was held this Sunday afternoon. In front of 350 supporters and activists, the head of the list and outgoing regional advisor Myrian Martin and his vice-presidents were able to present their proposals for the region and repeatedly criticize the politics of Carole Dela, the government, and the drafts of the National Assembly.

The proposals on this list, the result of the alliance of La France insoumise, the New Anti-Capitalist Party and the Democratic and Social Left, are based on three main axes: the establishment of a “social and health shield”, the commitment to an “ecological fork” and “a democratic renewal”.

“There is a social, economic and environmental emergency that does not wait! “Underlined Myriam Martin. The aim of the social shield will be to “protect employment and workers”. Among the suggestions made, we can mention the lack of subsidies for companies making redundancies, as well as the free transportation of young people and vulnerable people.

“The planet is on fire and we continue with such deviations!”

Funding for this program is being encouraged by halting large-scale projects that are considered “unnecessary and imposed,” explains Myriam Martin. The first: the privatization of the port of Port-la-Nouvelle, the Castres-Toulouse motorway project or the Lannemezan mega-sawmill. “The planet is on fire and we continue with such deviations! storm Myriam Martin. We will take the agent of these projects to develop organic farming and install farmers. Finally, the third pillar on which People’s Occitania is built: democratic renewal. “We will hold a referendum on the Citizens’ Initiative (RIC),” stressed Myriam Martin, before warning of the National Gathering, “the first enemy to be fought.”

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About 350 people attended the meeting in the Bikini Room. DDM – XAVIER DE FENOYL

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