The legal retirement age increases to 66 as of today

The pension will be calculated with 24 years of contributions

BY RRHH Digital, 12:04 – 01 January 2021

Spaniards who wish to retire from today with 100% of the pension will have to be at least 66 years old, under the pension reform of 2013, in which the retirement age was gradually raised 65 to 67 years, over a total horizon of 15 years.

These 66 years will be the required age for those who can prove that they are less than 37 years old and have three months of contribution (this year 65 years and 10 months are required to be able to retire with less than 37 years of contribution).

If they exceed 37 years and three months of contribution, workers who wish to retire from tomorrow, January 1, with 100% of the pension will have to be 65 years old.

What has not changed with the 2013 reform is the minimum contribution requirement to be able to access the contributory retirement pension, which has been maintained for at least 15 years, two of which must be within 15 years. prior to retirement.

In addition, from January 1, the pension calculation period increases by one year compared to 2020, from the current 23 years to 24 years. This assumes that the pension will be calculated from today on the basis of contributions from the last 24 years.


In the event that workers wish to access partial retirement without the company concluding a relief contract, the minimum age of access will be the ordinary retirement age applicable in each case.

If the company concludes a relief contract to cover the working time during which the partial retiree stops working, the minimum age of access for partial retirement will be 62 years from today if he has contributed at least 35 years and three months, or 63 years in the case of 33 years of contribution.

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