The level of engagement of Spanish employees has fallen by 2% in recent years

The degree of engagement of Spanish employees has fallen by 2% in recent years, from 16% in 2018 to 14% in 2020, as confirmed by the latest ADP study, Global Workplace Study 2020. To carry out the report, interviews were conducted. conducted with more than 26,000 employees from 25 countries, including Spain. El objetivo de dicho estudio era conocer la influencia de COVID-19 en el grado de Compromiso de los empleados y la resiliencia en el lugar de trabajo, teniendo en cuenta que el Compromiso se define como una actitud positiva y dedicada hacia el trabajo y la company; and resilience in the work environment, such as the ability to withstand adverse conditions.

Among the main findings is how the levels of worker engagement and resilience in the workplace remain low, but have remained stable globally. These phenomena are directly linked but independent. The most surprising data is that the resilience of individuals in the workplace increases with the direct experience of COVID-19. Employees who have suffered from the disease or whose family member has battled the virus are more resilient in the face of challenges in the workplace.

Better resilience in the workplace after direct or personal exposure to COVID-19

Contrary to what researchers expected, personal experiences with COVID-19, such as having suffered from the disease or having someone nearby, increase resilience in the workplace. This group of employees was 3.8 times more likely to be “very resilient”. Spain tops the ranking of European countries that have had to deal with the virus the most, with 45.8% of those polled. Globally, Egypt tops the list with 62% and Taiwan is at the bottom with 5.4%.

The level of engagement of Spanish employees decreases

The study also indicates that in general, the level of commitment to the company is low around the world. Only 14% of all employees are “fully engaged” and demonstrate great disposition towards their team and organization. Spain is in the middle, but is down 2 percentage points compared to 2018. One of the main factors affecting the level of engagement is the safety that employees feel in their working environment. The most engaged employees are found in Saudi Arabia (21%) and India (20%).

In terms of resilience levels, only 15% of workers globally are “very resilient”, which remains very low. Spain is in the middle of the table with 13%. The best-rated countries are India with 32% and Saudi Arabia with 23%, while the worst-performing countries are Sweden and Taiwan with 8%.

“The aggregate numbers show that companies still have a long way to go in making employees more engaged and resilient in the workplace. Improving communication with employees and strengthening the working relationship is a priority for developing a bond. Considering the fact that we are living in a global pandemic, it is essential and necessary to put in place plans according to the new needs of employees and which allow us to improve in this area. A team fully committed to the values ​​of the company is the only one that can help us generate greater confidence in the markets and obtain good results ”, underlines Georgina Soca, Director of Human Resources at ADP Iberia and Europe of the South.

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