The life of comets on Earth: the comet gave life to Earth and Mars

How did life come to Earth and has there ever been life on Mars? An attempt has been made to find answers to these questions in a new study. According to the study, a comet carried life on Earth and on Mars in the early days of the solar system. Researcher Charles Woodward of the American University of Minnesota study expressed such a possibility.

He said there is no strong evidence that the Earth must have had enough carbon at the time of its formation, which is necessary for life. The carbon may have come with the comet.

How did you know
The study was conducted on the basis of data from the German Aerospace Center and the joint project of the US Space Agency NASA, Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA). Comet Catalina was studied there. When it passed close to land in 2016, it was observed. Using an infrared instrument installed in SOFIA, the carbon present in its tail was detected. The comet emanating from the Oort cloud forms on the outer side of the solar system.

There was no carbon before
In the early days of the solar system, the temperature of planets like the Earth would have been so high that elements like carbon disappeared. Jupiter had a lot of carbon but due to its gravity it could not reach other planets at that time. Researchers say that through Jupiter’s comets, there will be carbon on Mars and on Earth. Catalina’s design resembles the way life could have evolved on warmer and hotter planets.

Life was born on Earth due to the collision of asteroids, another research claim
Asteroids bring life?
Earlier scientists believed that the start of life on Earth may have been due to the collision of asteroids. Researchers say these space rocks must have pulled different materials towards the amino acid like guns, and the molecules that formed when they fell into the water began to form life. Previously, British researchers had also made a similar claim.

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