The Maestranza is a portable

Penalty of La Maestranza! What a pity…! With what this square has been in the history of bullfighting and how low it has fallen. It will be the fate of the times, an unequivocal sign, on the other hand, that the new winds affect, and in what way, the essence of bullfighting.

The fight of the fifth bull and the ear that Manzanares walked was a disgrace for Seville and its fans; as happened with the one granted to El Juli; and neither did Paco Ureña deserve it after a heroic performance before the dangerous and decomposed sixth that he killed with an ugly thrust, which should have left the prize in the now-defunct return to the ring.

The fifth of the Later he manifested invalidity shortly after stepping on the albero. It was clear that he was ill or drunk because his effort to stay on his feet was evident. A third of the rods passed without blood being drawn, and protests from a large part of the public intensified. He held the flags because the subordinate raised his cloak so that he would not give up. The entire plaza was already a clamor for the animal to return to the corrals.

But the president applies the logic: since he has not bitten the dust, here he stays.

Manzanares takes the crutch amid the general anger. The bull does not know where to place its hooves so as not to lose its balance. His killer cares for him, refreshes him, treats him with care; and his opponent, who was a blessed one, responds with obedient thrusts. And so, little by little, the first olés appear, which become general in the fourth round, and it is the music band that then wraps the blanket around their head and starts to play.

Manzanares is engalla, quotes his dying companion by the python, and shows off with long crutches by both hands. It is then that the bull says that we have come this far and collapses in the albero. They call the assistants, they do mouth-to-mouth, they plug in oxygen and the animal manages to get up. He will fall again forever moments later after a lunge in the luck of receiving from Manzanares.

And those who minutes before had bitterly protested the disability of the bull enthusiastically ask for the ear for their nurse. And there were some who came to applaud in the drag …!

G. Jiménez / El Juli, Manzanares, Ureña

Bulls of Hnos. García Jiménez, correct presentation, meek except for the fourth and very noble; disabled fourth and fifth, and lackluster the sixth

El Juli: rear thrust (ear); puncture and rear thrust (silence).

José M. Manzanares: three punctures and almost entire fall (ovation); lunge (ear).

Paco Ureña: perpendicular and low lunge (silence); Perpendicular and low lunge (ear).

Plaza de La Maestranza. 30 of September. Eleventh fair run. Almost full with a capacity of 60 percent.

The trophy that El Juli walked in his first one may be eligible for the award of one of the cheapest ears in the history of this square. It is true that the bullfighter threw the veronica with his hands lowered and drew a showy remove by chicuelinas. But the task of crutch to a very bonancible animal gestated and raised to collaborate with his matador was a regrettable example of industrial and mechanical bullfighting, with additives, colorants and preservatives, the one that tastes like everything except true bullfighting; always the bullfighter on the thread of the python, very detached, advantageous, superficial and vain from beginning to end. But La Maestranza surrendered to him as if he were starring in a vintage chore.

The same film was repeated by Manzanares in his first, a meek that charged with high doses of nonsense; the bullfighter took advantage of his innate elegance to hide the tricks already known and that his partner had just exposed: bullfighting that says nothing, the aptly named modern destoreo.

Ureña had bad luck with the third-as El Juli had it with the invalid room- with which he was more than justified, but seemed determined not to be the stone guest of the bullfight.

The last one was the black sheep; meek elusive, friend of the arreones, short-haul and very lackluster. The typical bull to remove the flies and passport him.

Ureña chose the most difficult path. He placed himself in the right place, showed his chest, straighter than a candle, and forced the bull to charge, although with each crutch he chewed the somersault. There were isolated crutches charged with passion for the crude truth that the bullfighter had placed on the scale of the task. The emotion rose whole when with the feet together and in front he stole some very exciting naturals. They were, without a doubt, the most intense moments of the bullfight. The thrust was not good, but the ear fell into his hands unfairly.

There was La Maestranza, converted into a laptop; sad, no doubt, because, perhaps, he never imagined that his history would be so stained.

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