The Mahou San Miguel Foundation strengthens its vocational guidance program for people in vulnerable situations

The Mahou San Miguel Foundation strengthens its vocational guidance program for people in vulnerable situations

The Mahou San Miguel Foundation and the Red Cross have signed a collaboration agreement at the national level to promote professional integration and training for vulnerable people looking for work. Through the CRE-e online multi-channel information, guidance and advice service, which facilitates the employability of people, the two entities intend to motivate, support and strengthen all those looking for a job and, thus, offer them more security and confidence to overcome the obstacles hindering access to the labor market.

As part of this agreement, the Mahou San Miguel Foundation will provide a contribution of 300,000 euros for training, guidance and the creation of specific content in areas such as hospitality, tourism and logistics to be used on social networks. In addition, promote the development of digital skills aimed at facilitating access to job search via online formats.

Tips for starting an online business or developing the best study program

From the CRE-e multi-channel service platform, people who want to start online businesses or digitize those they already own will be advised on self-employment initiatives. In addition, it will allow an automated curriculum creation service and will have more capacity to answer questions on career guidance (currently, it receives more than 600 per day) since, with the resources provided by the Foundation, the development content such as “Meet the world of…” and “I have a question for you”, which reinforce the Multichannel Service itself.

In addition, the volunteer professionals of Mahou San Miguel will contribute their talent and knowledge by participating in various information actions, such as reports and interviews on the YouTube channel of the Red Cross with advice and training, always aimed at to improve skills and competences.

All these initiatives will be carried out through different digital channels and the first intervention took place on June 10 with the participation of a volunteer professional from the Business Transformation field. This is a webinar to discover the 10 most common mistakes in developing a curriculum and the clues to solving them.

For Virginia Luca de Tena, director of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation, “we initiated this alliance as part of our commitment to improve the employability of the most vulnerable people and, through it, we want to help provide practical resources. and useful to all. those looking for a job in today’s job market. In the Spanish Red Cross we find a trusted ally with extensive experience to achieve good results and be able to reach different groups ”.

According to Maika Snchez, director of the Red Cross employment center, “this alliance allows us to strengthen our most requested career guidance content and to reach more people who need concrete, clear and precise information and advice to make decisions, knowing first and foremost – to maintain the world of work with companies by technological means ”.

With this union, the Foundation continues to align with the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and directly contributes to SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth, SDG 10 Reduction of Inequalities and SDG 17 Partnerships for achieve goals.

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