The Mahou San Miguel Foundation’s commitment to volunteering is recognized

The Mahou San Miguel Foundation’s commitment to volunteering is recognized

The Mahou San Miguel Foundation has been honored with the “Stars Award” awarded by the Spanish Federation of Food Banks (FESBAL), for its contribution in 2020 to alleviating the needs of the most vulnerable people, thanks to the involvement of all professionals volunteers rated by Mahou San Miguel.

Through various actions, in 2020 the Foundation donated 87,850 liters of products to Food Banks, mainly water, 50,000 kilos of food thanks to the Christmas campaign on social networks “Donate your follow” and, on the other hand, professional volunteers from the production centers managed to collect more than 6,000 euros, which also went to Food Banks in several cities. Thus, the Mahou San Miguel Foundation made everything available to FESBAL that was within its reach, given the increase in the number of people claiming food aid produced as a result of the emergency caused by the pandemic.

The “Star Awards” aim to thank the business world, entities, foundations and the media for their support to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks and its 54 associated Food Banks. In this second edition, we wanted to distinguish the particular collaboration during the year 2020 in the face of the health, economic and social crisis resulting from the pandemic.

For Alfredo Mahou, President of the Foundation, “this recognition is largely due to the great involvement of the volunteer professionals of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation, who are very sensitive to the situation we are experiencing. I am very proud of all of them, because thanks to their enthusiasm and efforts, many people in difficult circumstances have been able to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Collaborating with FESBAL is of great importance for the Foundation, because it means going hand in hand with an entity with great experience and national reach, which allows us to go further and continue our work to continue to support those who need it most today “.

The award was presented by Miguel Fernndez, Director of FESBAL, who stressed that “although at this stage we still cannot let our guard down, it is also time to thank for the continued support received in 2020; For this reason, we would like to especially thank the Mahou San Miguel Foundation for their great collaboration during the pandemic, granting them the COVID-19 “Star Awards” recognition and distinguishing them for their support to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks. and its associated banks ”.

Since the foundation of the Mahou San Miguel Foundation in 2013, more than 284,000 liters of products have been donated to Food Banks and, thanks to the collaboration of all volunteer professionals, there have been periodic collections that are organized in the centers. of the company. In this way, the Foundation and the company are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 1 for ending poverty, as well as SDG 3 for health and well-being.

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