“The main key in the selection of personnel is to be attentive to the needs and to find the right person”

Victoria Baselga, founding partner of Magallanes Consultores: “The main key in the selection of staff is listening to needs and finding the right person”

Expert in the search for managerial profiles, Victoria Baselga gave a conference at an event to share good practices for the improvement of the management of the Spanish Association of Golf Managers

BY RRHHD Digital, 11:20 am – July 16, 2021

On July 8 there was a hybrid event organized by the Spanish Association of Golf Managers (AEGG) in which good management practices were shared, especially in the area of ​​golf clubs. Experts in HR and project and business management participated, among which Victoria Baselga, founding partner of Magallanes Consultores de Direccion, stood out.

Precisely in his speeches entitled “The keys to the success of your selection process” and “The keys to boosting your professional career”, Baselga underlined the importance of listening in the search for the professional best suited to a project or to a business. “The main key in selecting people is to listen to the needs of the landowner and find the right person,” she explained as an expert in manager selection.

Victoria Baselga has been linked to the world of HR and professional selection for decades and precisely helps many golf clubs find the right manager for their projects. He has more than 25 years of experience in Finding Executives and Consulting for Companies, as well as in supporting and supervising Executives in their professional career and in the search for new professional opportunities. Therefore, an opinion of weight not only for the world of golf but for the business environment in general.

Besides Victoria Baselga, other professionals from the business and human resources sector also attended the meeting. We are talking about Francisco Ruiz del Toro, Regional Director of Executive Programs of EI, Antonio Moar, Associate Professor at Instituto Empresa (IE), Ignacio Leyva, Director at Aon Sports or Juan Pablo Arriaga Cuevas, Director of Alcaidesa Link Golf Resort, precisely the place where the event took place.

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