“The management team has been in HM hospitals since the start of the pandemic, supporting people through good times and bad.”

Interview. Juan Abarca Cidn, President of HM Hospitales: “The management team has been in HM hospitals since the start of the pandemic, supporting people through good times and bad”

As every year, the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH) awards the People Manager Award, a prize awarded by decision of the Board of Directors of the Association in recognition of this person who has excelled in people management and / or teams. in your organization, outside the scope of the human resources management function. On this occasion, the award was presented to Dr Juan Abarca Cidn, President of HM Hospitales, in thanks and recognition for his excellent example of leadership and ability to manage people, in a particularly difficult year due to the global pandemic of Covid-19. in which the health sector has played a key role.

From RRHHDigital, we were able to interview him and talk in detail about how they handled the HM Hospitales pandemic. “The entire management team was in HM hospitals from the start, supporting people through good times and bad. All of the medical directors have been with the patients, with the employees … Maybe that’s it. who was able to characterize us the most in this difficult time. “The goal, Dr Abarca told us, was to support patients and staff.” We tried to make them never feel like they were alone. . “

In order to carry out this support work, the human team that makes up HM Hospitales has been key during all these months. As Dr Abarca points out, “I have known our staff for a long time, but until you are involved in a stressful situation, you don’t know how people are going to react. However, he stresses,” All staff at health responded with unparalleled commitment. Here, no one thinks of anything other than treating patients. “

Asked about the most difficult times they went through from a health and professional point of view, the Doctor describes the life situation as a “nightmare”, in particular during the first wave of coronavirus in Spain. “It has been a nightmare. The first part of the pandemic, we suffered from a resource crisis and we experienced real tragedies. Since last summer, we have tried to combine the aid to the sick of the disease with the non-paralysis of normal health activities, which has meant a management effort and a sacrifice on the part of the whole team to try to cover all the demands of our patients. “

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