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Biomutant game news: The massive patch 1.4 brings extreme difficulty and reviews the tutorial Posted on 06/02/2021 at 3:02 PM Published May 25, Biomutant already sees the arrival of version 1.4. This update brings a number of changes that have been requested by players: the narrator has been redesigned and a new difficulty mode has been introduced. Update promised, update due. Last week Biomutant reminded of the development of an update that checks the rhythm of the dialogues, the level of difficulty or the video settings, among other things. On Twitter and Steam, Experiment 101 (the development studio) states that this update has arrived on PC and “will hit consoles soon, the time to go through the control process”. Several things are on the agenda for this update (full contents will be revealed below). We notice the arrival of the Extreme difficulty level, which promises enemies with higher damage and higher rate of fire. Additionally, the tutorial has been redesigned to be more faithful to the experience of the title, while NG + allows you to take advantage of all classes. Biomutant has been available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One since May 25th. Source: SteamAbout Biomutant: Full List of FixesPCMFixed several crashes related to AMD CPUsFixed crashes with AMD based CPUs with integrated graphics.TutorialBattle rate increased at the beginning of the game. Missing loot in the games added trenches outside the Jagnis Fortress. More chance of getting items from the boxes in Bunker 101. Updated Johnny Djeuns’ storage to reduce the distance between Nonos and the Pensai tree. Removed dialog between Johnny Djeuns and The Fossil to improve the rhythm delete some parts of the tutorial to shorten its duration delete some dialogues between glog and gizmo delete some settings to improve the tempo. Dialogs & Narrators Narrator Gelaber Before Translation A setting has been added that allows players to choose whether to hear the narrator, gibberish, or both when speaking to an NPC.Fixed an issue that resulted in the game timing out when the narrator and gibberish volume was set to 0 Removed text arrival delay when gibberish or narration is disabled Difficulty settings Added an extreme difficulty mode where enemies do more damage and shoot faster Fixed a bug where the difficulty change did not apply to existing enemies. New Game + By starting a game in NewGame +, players can unlock the benefits of all classes.AdjustmentsAdded a setting for motion blurFixed a bug where the automatic adjustment of the player’s camera was not applied in combat.Fixed an issue where the depth of field was not applied during the dialogs. Objects and loot The chance of finding objects that correspond to the level of the player has been increased. Players will still find items at levels higher than their own, but this is now taken into account.Usual items can no longer be obtained from high-level crates.The number of healing items from crates and enemies has been reduced Increased base damage for melee damage, handles and add- Ons base damage to bodies, muzzle and ranged fire grips reduced by approx. 5% by approx. 5% Fixed a bug where adding modifiers would not apply resistance statistics to crafted equipment Reduced resistance and critical hit chance of modifiers Ensures that the Quest reward for the diving helmet will no longer drop randomly. Slots removed from all combinations Guard sound Updated melee sound effects Updated volume of mount sound effects Added sound effects for the treble Tribe War Chet sounds updated when player lands in HQ after being thrown from the catapult. Fixed a bug where some Skills were unable to critically hit. The Dead Eye Sniper’s damage multiplier has been reduced from 2 to 1.25. Slows for short battles related to the scenario have been disabled Adjusted aiming angles to reduce camera movement in combat Disable camera tracking when hitting enemies in the air Fixed a bug where aerial combos would not go completely Adjusted the speed of enemy grabs . Now it’s easier to evade them. Enemy foot attacks are easier to parry Lupa Lupine is more susceptible to parrying and counter-attacking. Tracking issues with attacks by Jagni employees have been fixed. The first three hits no longer miss targets. Fixed an issue where the Pichu nunchaku would not stop animating. Larger enemies with melee weapons would animate too quickly when walking slowly. Adjusted hit responses for Morks to make melee combat more viable and satisfying Fixed a bug where reloading a weapon would prevent the character from moving properly when dodging Fixed an issue that prevented AirStrike from using melee attacks Adjusted range to better hunt enemies and reduce failed attacks – Fixed the back attack on shattered weapons misfiring most of the time. Adjusted the unarmed attack animations and the gauntlet animations to be faster it got stuck under larger enemies after being pinned to the ground It is now possible to slide between the legs of titans fixed a bug that hit the player after a Fixed a bug that caused the player to get stuck after an AirStrike sound effect was adjusted for successful parries.Fixed a bug where AirStrike threw opponents too far.The aim of the Gigapouf World Eater has been improved for its slingshot quests and achievements Game progress can now reach 100% in the first game. Fixed quest “Back to Basics” which sometimes couldn’t be completed. The tribal war flow has been adjusted to be more robust. The “Gadgets of the New World” trophy will now unlock correctly. Fixed a crash when moving objects between zones using telekinesis. Interface The new Wung-Fu weapon is now unlocked when a new weapon is available. Fixed the message “Fast travel not available” when the player tries to use it on a ladder or to fall. Added DLC to unlock the mercenary class in the main menu. Dark background added in QTE stages to improve readability on light backgrounds. Comic book effects shifted Inverted hypoxia warning percentage to be consistent with other areas. Enemy and allied markers have been hidden from 30m to reduce HUD clutter. World: Targets removed from bench position to avoid confusion with Moug quests Fixed side quests Bathyscaphe station volume is now fully processed Puddle image of water inside Fixed issue where player could fall through the world in Myriad Fortress It Fixed an issue where the player could fall through the world in an outpost A nkati Fixed a bug that allowed walking on oil fields. Fixed Puise-Bourbe 6G area objectives Miscellaneous Fast travel disabled when jumping out of the water Fixed a bug in the Wung-Fu Unspeakable hand technique that caused the Wung-Fu Unspeakable hand to drop NPCs into the water instead of closing them Sink Fixed an issue where NPCs got stuck in the air after a rocket exploded a bug that opened doors when using photo mode Fixed bug that turned smoke from burned out villages into streaks on AMD graphics cards The base position of the camera was increased, so she was not behind the player fixed bug that set the Re to zero sistance.Buy Biomutant at FNAC By Charlanmhg, Writing MPTwitter

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