The mayor of Malaga defends “sacrificing” the mobility of the Spaniards to “guarantee” tourism

Malaga mayor Francisco de la Torre said on Tuesday that he disagreed with the European Commission’s warning to Spain on travel restrictions, assuring that the country’s actions do not not consider “inconsistent, I do not see it as inconsistent.”.

“We are sacrificing our mobility to guarantee a safer space for those who come from abroad and to boost the economy,” he said, which, he insisted, “does not strike me as inconsistent; apparently it is, but it is not ”. According to him, “there is a cause and effect relationship and that also coincides with what other countries are doing. In this, I do not agree with the EU, with what they have said”.

This was highlighted by De la Torre after being asked, in particular, about the EU’s warning to Spain asking for consistency in the travel restrictions it applies.

De la Torre insisted, first of all, that the EU “always support it” and be “loyal” to it, also valuing the feeling “towards the EU, which is one of the positive things. that occurred. century “. However, it had an impact on not agreeing with this assessment because “in other countries the same thing happens, they go to other countries and it’s great for us that ‘they can come to our tourist areas, etc., but within their place of mobility restrictions, Germany does. France does, but they come here. ”

“What we receive is to receive those who come with their certificates to be able to travel, to be in good shape, and they stimulate our economy”, he defended, adding that “if in Spain there is restrictions by the health authorities, as they consider it appropriate, because the numbers in terms of incidents suggest that we are providing a safer space for these countries. ”

“They also come for this, because our incident figures today are better than those of Germany and France, to talk about these specific destinations that are in everyone’s memory,” he said. .

He therefore insisted that what Spain proposed does not see him as “incompatible or inconsistent”, admitting that it is “difficult for us, because we cannot move from province to province as long as the figures are no better, until the risk of British tension. and the fourth wave leaves “.

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