The Mediator calls on the interior to close the Arguineguín camp

Posted: Friday, November 27, 2020 9:03 a.m.

The Mediator sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior in which he calls for the closure of the Arguineguín pier in Gran Canaria, which was home to nearly a thousand migrants on Thursday, although it managed to accommodate 2,600 people in early November.

As sources from the institution confirmed to Efe, the request comes after a team of the Ombudsman made a surprise visit to the Arguineguín port camp in Gran Canaria on the 16th, as well as a series of inspections of the network. . reception of the islands to verify the treatment received by immigrants upon their arrival by canoe or boat in the Canary Islands.

The Ombudsman’s technical team spent several hours at the Red Cross emergency camp in this port in southern Gran Canaria to review its conditions.

In view of this inspection, the institution sent this request to close the Arguineguín pier because fundamental rights could be violated.

The arrivals of immigrants continue to occur this Thursday, a day when the pier of Arguineguín once again welcomed a thousand people. Salvamento Marítimo disembarked 348 occupants of eleven boats, including two babies, at the Arguineguín wharf, which he helped in southern Gran Canaria until early this afternoon Thursday.

The wharf opened on August 20 with a theoretical capacity of 400 people. Many organizations such as HRW, CEAR and Amnesty International have repeatedly called for its closure due to the violation of migrants’ human rights.

The interior has shown its intention to close it so as not to meet the reception conditions, but migrants continue to arrive.

The judge of the Center for the Internment of Foreigners (CIE), Arcadio Díez Tejera, revealed testimonies of people who stayed more than 3 weeks, while the maximum should be 72 hours.

They all sleep on the floor with blankets provided by the Red Cross. Only sandwiches are served, do not use cutlery for safety.

Migrations’ commitment is to set up camps, particularly in military installations, to accommodate 7,000 people, a number similar to that currently accommodated in hotels.

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