The meteorite made man a millionaire, why are meteorites more valuable than gold?

Precious treasure fell from the sky at the home of 33-year-old Joshua Hutagalung in Indonesia and became rich. In fact, his house had fallen, the meteorite came from space which gave him 10 crores. In such a situation, the question arises that what happens in the meteorites that they are so precious. Even the price of many leaves gold behind. Before you find the answer to this question, tell us what meteorites are –

What are meteorites?

When an asteroid breaks for some reason, a small piece of it separates from it, called a meteoroid. When these meteorites reach close to the earth they burn on contact with the atmosphere and we see a light that looks like a shooting star or a shooting star, but they are not really stars. It is not necessary for every meteorite to be burnt as soon as it arrives on earth. Some large meteorites also land on the ground without burning and are then called meteorites. NASA’s Johnson Space Center maintains a collection of meteorites found in different corners of the world, and by studying them, layers of asteroids, planets, and our solar systems are opened.

Which meteorites are valuable?

Meteorites are rated in grams. They can also cost anywhere from $ 0.50 to $ 1000 per gram. There is a big reason for the price difference. Only rocks and dust-laden meteorites are inexpensive and usually appeal only to those interested in science. On the other hand, these meteorites, in which there are metals, their prices may be more than gold. These become even rarer, especially when made from the unique metal in the universe outside of earth. The meteorite that fell in Indonesia is 4.5 billion years old and has been described as a CM1 / 2 carbonaceous condritis, which is quite rare. Its price has therefore been set at $ 857 per gram or Rs 63,587 while the price of gold is around Rs 52,100 for the moment.

How is the price increasing

Besides their structure, a big reason for their value is the interest of collectors. People collect them. Especially the incident of their arrival on earth is like a story in itself that people want to remember. What is interesting is that the price of these meteorites is even higher than people have seen falling to earth or have come across something.

Reveal the secrets of the universe

Meteorites are a source of curiosity for people interested in space. There are many secrets hidden in them. From their origin, from which direction they come, each aspect can give information about the universe. Scientists use meteorites to find out how life began and if there is a possibility of life elsewhere. Sometimes by getting elements like Earth on them, one hopes to get answers to important questions about the origin of life on Earth, sometimes elements found in other parts of the universe.

The most valuable asteroids

The amount of wealth on Asteroid 16 Pysche can be estimated from the fact that NASA has planned a robotic mission in which its spacecraft will search for iron, nickel and gold once there is will be. According to a statement from Forbes magazine, the amount of metal in this asteroid can be up to 10,000 quadrillion ($ 10,000,000,000,000,000,000) more than the global economy. Inside, not just rocks, metals are present, so its value is so high. Dr. Tracy Baker, Planetary Scientist, Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, “We asked for predominantly metallic meteorites, but Psyche is unique because it can be made entirely of iron and nickel.”

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