the minister receives an envelope with a bloody razor


Updated: Monday, April 26, 2021 2:45 PM

Published on: 04/26/2021 12:42

The Minister of Tourism, Trade and Industry, Reyes Maroto, has been the subject of a new threat directed against a member of the Government. In this case, the leader received an envelope, addressed to the Ministry of Industry, with a bloody razor.

According to sources of the investigation at LaSexta, a new legal procedure has been opened to find the author of this shipment, after three leaders received death threats in emissive channels directed against Pablo Iglesias, Fernando Grande-Marlaska and María Gámez.

Similarly, sources from the Ministry of the Interior specify that the envelope had a return address; in addition, the knife was wound between two CDs, as a strategy to avoid detection systems. And in the shipment there was not only the knife, but also newspaper clippings from various newspapers, a handwritten letter and WhatsApp captures were found. The police analyze whether the red marks correspond to the paint or, failing that, to the royal blood. There were also a number of handwritten messages, which have yet to be detailed.

The letter with a bloodied knife reached the minister’s office and, as can be seen from the postmark, its shipping origin was El Escorial (Madrid), dated April 21 at 1:24 p.m. As can be seen see in the envelope – padded – it was sent by regular mail and arrived at the Ministry of Industry on April 23, as learned by laSexta.

The minister has already spoken on her Twitter account after the event and, in the same vein as her colleagues, thanked the show of support after the threats, and sent a resounding message: “Threats and violence will never do. silence the voice of democracy. Freedom will prevail, ”he wrote.

The current minister was proposed by the socialist candidate for the Community of Madrid, Ángel Gabilondo, to integrate him into his government as economic vice-president if he wins the elections.

Asked about the threats made against Marlaska, Iglesias and Gámez, Maroto assured last Friday that “hate speech has consequences”, referring to the fact that the executive would take measures in the matter to identify the person who perpetrated the said shipments. “We tell the government that we are criminals, and that has consequences,” he said.

A threat a priori resulting from an “imbalance”, according to the information services

News service sources told LaSexta that the letter sent to Reyes Maroto “has nothing to do with the cartridges.” In other words, they exclude that they have the same author as the threats made against Iglesias, Marlaska and Gámez. “It seems to be the work of an unbalanced person, similar to many others who are received in different entities”, express the cited sources.

The return address includes a name -Iñaqui-, a name and an address for El Escorial. In addition, according to what was learned, the individual went to a post office in the same city. His arrest will be a matter of hours, according to the information services, but they stress that in this case, everything indicates that the suspect has “mental problems”.

Marlaska, on the knife sent to Maroto: “We continue with this chain of threats”

The Minister of the Interior, also the victim of a letter with death threats (one could read that he had ten days to resign), rejected in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo the events of recent days: “All my I support and I approve of Maroto. We continue in this network of threats, and I believe there must be a strong position, ”said the president.

In this sense, the leader showed a deep “discouragement” in the face of tensions and the deterioration of coexistence. And he also insists on the measures that the authorities will take: “There will be an investigation by the national police, they immediately appeared to collect the evidence,” he said of threats to his partner in government.

First reactions: Iglesias and Díaz condemn the violence

After learning about the news, various leaders reacted to this new threat against a public position. In this sense, the leader of United We Can, Pablo Iglesias, also the victim of one of these letters, expressed to LaSexta his anger at the threats of recent days: “Okay, there is no right to receive a knife. This person He has daughters. Today it is this; another day bullets threaten other people. You cannot consent. Let the PP spokesperson blame my father terrorist and receiving a death threat cannot be tolerated, ”he said.

Thus, Iglesias defines this atmosphere of tension as “unbearable” and points out that the greatest fear, like that of Reyes Maroto, lies in the threats to families: “I cannot walk with my children without threats. They. must increase my security … an unbearable climate is created. And this must have a response not only judicial but also electoral, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, fellow United We Can member Yolanda Díaz learned the news during a live interview on Al Rojo Vivo. Thus, the Minister of Labor took the opportunity to show her support for Reyes Maroto, and harshly criticizes the threats: “What we are suffering is very serious, the threats we are receiving from the leaders of the left. No jokes: the PP must take the side with her. democratic forces, ”he added.

Sánchez, on threats: “We are not going to let hatred take over coexistence in Spain”

One of the most forceful reactions was led by the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who in his social networks insists on a “resounding condemnation” of what happened to his partner in the executive and the party: “Enough! We are not going to let hatred take over coexistence in Spain. Our categorical condemnation of the serious threat received today by the Minister of Industry. We are with you, Reyes,” wrote- he on his Twitter account.

Alberto Garzón also showed his rejection of these events, focusing on the “far right” which “threatens not only individuals but also democracy itself”. Thus, the Minister of Consumer Affairs remembers, on the one hand, the knife received and, on the other hand, the bullet envelopes.

For his part, the candidate for the 4M elections, Ángel Gabilondo, insists on the message he has launched in recent days, condemning the explicit and not general violence. “Every case, every fact must be expressly condemned, and I hope this is done by all who call themselves Democrats. And that it’s done now. Let Reyes know that we are fully engaged, that we will move forward. »He insists.

Likewise, Mónica García, More Madrid’s candidate in the regional elections, takes in the complaint of her socialist counterpart and asks herself: “How many more threats does it take for Ayuso to stop supporting the far-right hate policy?” ” Reference to the President’s messages in the last days.

At the same time, Edmundo Bal, candidate for Ciudadanos, describes the episodes of violence and death threats as “disgusting”, and speaks of the responsibility of politicians to reduce tensions: “We, officials, must stop the escalation of tension which seeks to install a climate of trenches. in the countryside 4M “.

Threat investigation seems long

As for the letters received by the rest of the leaders, they were also sent to the offices of the ministry. They contained a written letter, as well as bullets of a different caliber. “You have ten days to resign. The time to laugh at us is over. National Police. Civil Guard. The time is against you for the pops”, could one read in the text addressed to the current Minister of Interior.

For now, the investigation remains open, and it should be long. The reason is explained by Manuel Marlasca, head of research at laSexta, who points out that the problem is that “tens of thousands of letters arrive at the automated processing center in Madrid (Vallecas)”, therefore “it is very difficult to knowing the exact traceability of the letter, ie in which letterbox it was placed ”.

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