The Moca project was a great success and will arrive in the Outlook calendar

Microsoft’s recent moves have been different and very interesting. Whiteboard, Fluid Framework, and Project Moca build on something similar. We have an empty workspace to work and organize. Now the latest one, Project Moca, will appear in Outlook calendar as a dashboard view.

Project Moca will now be deployed in the Outlook calendar

With Project Moca we can have all the necessary elements to plan a trip, start a project or make a recipe easily. The biggest advantage is that it is very visual and allows us to have all the elements at a glance. Formerly called Outlook Spaces, it will be integrated into the Outlook calendar.

The Redmond giant has announced that Project Moca will be available in calendar panels in Outlook on the web. The opportunity to get better organized and to have all the necessary elements to get organized in one click. Moreover, with this, Outlook calendar stands out from its competition and offers some additional and very interesting features.

If you haven’t tried Project Moca, we suggest you give it a try and we’ll leave you with the video of how it works. It’s a very convenient way to upload files, tasks, locations, lists or screenshots to our workspace to have all the information available. From now on, this workspace can be improved and it should be possible to share it with anyone who may be of interest to us.

The ability to collaborate in real time is a fundamental part of the Fluid Framework and can provide us with a unique workspace within our calendar. We hope this project will continue to grow and over time you will be able to access your own app from anywhere.

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