The moment a protester throws a stone at the head of a policeman: they search for the perpetrator

Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2021 12:44 PM

Posted: 18.02.2021 12:33

This is one of the attacks that took place in the demonstrations to demand the freedom of rapper Pablo Hasél. It happened on the night of this Wednesday next to the entrance to Tirso de Molina metro station.

In the pictures you can see how a young man throws a big rock at an officer. The projectile, which directly hit the policeman’s helmet, caused no damage, although without protection the situation could have been much more serious.

According to sources from the Madrid Information Brigade at LaSexta, the attacker managed to escape at the time of the events and is now wanted.

The night ended with 19 detainees, including six minors, and 30 police officers injured, a very high number of injured in this type of demonstration, according to police sources.

Protester Profile

The same sources analyze the profile of these demonstrators. They talk about a lot of very young people, who are not affiliated with any group, united by the goal of committing acts of violence and who have been very aggressive towards the police. In addition, these same sources are surprised at the little fear they show and their level of violence.

Another common characteristic that stands out is their weak or no political or ideological background. They point out that during the demonstration on Wednesday, certain characters and attitudes that were observed in the demonstrations against the partial closures of neighborhoods in the Community of Madrid were repeated, also with very young people and with one objective: to confront the police .

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