The moment when Morocco opens the border gate to facilitate the passage of immigrants in Ceuta

Publication: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 1:39 PM

The massive arrival of immigrants in the autonomous city of Ceuta has been encouraged by the Moroccan authorities themselves. As shown in the video above, the auxiliary forces of our neighboring country opened the doors of the fence and allowed dozens of people to enter Spanish territory.

In this sense, as the journalist Ignacio Cembrero explains in the Al Rojo Vivo program, at the gates of Ceuta and Melilla, there is a series of doors that are usually used by the forces of both countries. “These allowed, among other things, the warm returns of sub-Saharan Africans, as well as exchanges between the security forces. The two parties have the keys to the door,” explains the employee.

Faced with this situation, the president of Ceuta, Juan Vivas, also denounced in Al Rojo Vivo “the clamorously passive attitude” of the Moroccan authorities who, as can be seen in the images, did not put “any kind of obstacles ”to migrants who entered the autonomous city. Thus, he made it clear that the border was in the hands “of the neighboring country.

“It’s not passivity, it’s complicity,” Cembrero added, stressing that in recent hours, young people from different regions of Morocco, some very far from Ceuta, have been able to cross the border. . For now, Spain’s Foreign Minister Arancha González Laya has called an emergency meeting with the Moroccan ambassador, as LaSexta has learned.

This is the first step of the government to recognize the Moroccan hand behind the arrival of 6,000 people in the autonomous city. And, as announced by the Minister of the Interior, 2,700 of them have already been dismissed following “established channels”.

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