The month of May ends with a drop of 100 points in the incidence of the coronavirus and a sharp drop in the number of hospitalized patients

Update: Sunday May 30, 2021 1:30 p.m.

Posted: 05/30/2021 1:29 PM

The month of May is ending and the downward trend in the main indicators of the pandemic is confirmed. The cumulative incidence has dropped by almost 100 points in the past 30 days. The month of May started with 223 cases per 100,000 population and ends below 124.

Cantabria is one of the communities that has succeeded in reducing its incidence. The region is reporting 34 positives, 45 less than a week ago and, one more day, there are no deaths.

There have also been no deaths from COVID in the past 24 hours in Aragon, which is also experiencing a decrease of 30 cases from last week after adding 106 positives today.

However, experts ask to analyze the data in detail. Daniel López-Acuña, epidemiologist and former director of the WHO, assures us that the incidence “must be analyzed by age groups to see if, as it seems to indicate, we have a phenomenon where there is transmission among young people and death in the elderly. who are vaccinated. ”

Vaccination also influenced the decrease in mortality. The figures have fallen to 17 deaths, the latest figure proposed by the Department of Health.

The improvement is also transferred to the ICU. According to Javier García, of the Association of the Spanish Society of Anesthesiology, now “we have third wave chronic patients, but they are younger, so there are better developments. There is hope”.

And it is that the percentage of occupied beds has fallen by more than 8%. We started the month above 23% occupancy. Now it is less than 15%.

However, eight autonomous communities are above this average: La Rioja (26.42%), Basque Country (23.67%), Madrid (31%), Ceuta (17.65%), Catalonia (20, 57%), Castilla y León (20.75%), Castilla y La Mancha (21.20%), Aragon (22.17%).

In La Rioja, there are eight other active cases of coronavirus. It is the eighth consecutive day that the figure increases. There has also been an increase in the region of Murcia, where there are two more positive points than a week ago; as in the Basque Country, where 49 more cases have been reported today than seven days ago.

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