The most essential products to set up your home office

With the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have had to opt for telecommuting. Moving work from the office to the home has been a priority to continue doing a professional activity at a time when a dangerous virus makes it desirable and necessary to avoid contact between people and to spend a lot of time together in closed environments.

The problem is that this paradigm shift in the workplace requires having the necessary equipment to keep working. A house does not have the same facilities, the same conditions, or the same equipment as a work office. For this reason, it is essential to know which products and equipment are essential in order to be able to start working remotely with all the facilities in the world.

Equipment you can buy, but remember the company needs to make it easy for you, and more with the new teleworking law just approved. Be very careful, because without it we assure you that being able to work with your home office will be much more complicated. You will absolutely need everything.

What do you need to set up a home office

This is the key to being able to set up a good work from home office. Make sure you have it all, because only then can you guarantee that you are in the most optimal condition to be able to do your professional work.

If you are going to be working remotely, you will need a good internet connection and, most importantly, a good router. Without this device, please rest assured that the connection will not work as it should and you will surely have connection problems of any kind. Unstable internet connections, crashes, cuts and all kinds of incidents that make it difficult to send and receive files or documents, even video call meetings.

For this, it is better to buy options like this powerful 4g router with a sim card, or even to look for high power models with multiple antennas. This way, you can ensure better connection and coverage of the wireless network, and that the connection actually reaches the speeds dictated by your telephone company.

While having a desktop PC is a good option, as it usually gives more power at a lower price, in addition to the versatility in assembly and repairs, it is much more advisable to have a laptop for to work. It’s something light, which takes up very little space and offers more than enough performance to do your usual office tasks.

The advantage of the laptop is that you can also use it wherever you want. So if for some reason you have to travel and need to keep working anywhere, this team gives you exactly what you need. Mobility, good performance, flexibility and versatility. If you are a person who is constantly on the move, even though the circumstances do not allow much now, this is more than desirable.

When it comes to work, especially if you need to coordinate with a whole team, you need to have meetings. There are those who opt for video calls to keep in touch present throughout the morning, although at other times it is something that is only used for those specific dates. Either way, in order for them to run smoothly and not encounter any sound or video issues, you need to have a microphone and a webcam.

This is the best way to make sure your colleagues, bosses or clients can see and hear you perfectly. If there is a problem with the qualities of the call, you will at least be sure that they are not yours, if not the others. It is something that gives you a lot more professionalism.

Everyone believes that telecommuting not only makes it possible to follow the most appropriate precautions during COVID 19, but also to be able to work without problems from the bed or from the sofa. We’re sorry to tell you that this is one of the worst mistakes that can be made, because in the end you end up turning parts of the house into work areas that should be meant for rest or disconnection from professional work. .

In the office that you are going to install, you will need to place a good office table. Make it spacious, it gives you space to work and also allows you to have a little bit of comfort. Look for something that is the right size and, most importantly, that is quite sturdy.

If you are setting up a desk, you must also have an office chair. No normal wooden chairs, nor such trendy gaming chairs. A good desk, which is ergonomic and made of good materials. This way you will have good posture and your body will be in the best condition even if you spend many hours sitting and working.

Are you putting it all together? In this case, you can work with maximum efficiency and as few complications as possible.

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