The most used envelopes in the business world

When we talk about envelopes for correspondence, we can think of the classic rectangular model in white, but nothing is further from the truth. The use of this envelope has become widespread by companies and certain types such as window envelopes are more widely accepted.

The image of a company is also linked to this factor. Knowing how to correctly choose the packaging and envelope of documents is essential. Sending a business letter is subject to packaging, so it’s the first impression that counts.

Envelopes in companies and their functionalities

It may seem that new technologies have replaced the use of traditional paper or mail, but businesses or businesses still rely on postal mail to make various notifications. A commercial promotion, the celebration of an event or the congratulations on a birthday to a customer are actions which require the use of a suitable envelope.

Kraft envelopes

Concern for the environment in recent years has generated a higher level of awareness to reduce the carbon footprint. More and more companies are choosing to opt for the natural texture of kraft envelopes. It is perfect for printing the logo and reinforces the values ​​of sustainability.

Envelopes with wettable closure

The comfort guaranteed by an envelope with a wettable seal favors its use in a professional environment. This type of option is very common for those with a peak backhand. Just moisten the strip with glue for the flap to adhere perfectly.

Padded envelopes

At, the use of padded or bubble envelopes is also recommended. It is a way to ensure additional protection during transport and to avoid possible damage during transport. This type of option is ideal if you are looking for strength and security when sending documents and objects. In addition, there is a wide variety of colors to choose from and very original designs.

Colored envelopes

It depends on the sector of activity and the image you want to convey, the use you can give to an envelope. A children’s business is not the same as a tech business. Therefore, the commitment to color is ideal for certain types of events or communications. From classic red, green, orange or blue to purple or gold, they have their place. The semi-transparent metallic proposals will surprise any recipient!

Personalized envelopes

Any business that wants to promote its brand or make itself visible should consider personalizing an envelope with its logo printed. Addresses can even be printed on labels to give a much more professional image. Therefore, designing a personalized envelope is a very attractive decision that sets it apart from the rest.

In short, choosing the right envelope for a company directly affects its image. This type of packaging does not go unnoticed at all and will be the first contact between the company and the final recipient.

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