The National Court asks Switzerland to release 58 million euros from convicts of Gürtel, such as Bárcenas or Correa


Publication: Friday, April 16, 2021 11:32

The second section of the criminal chamber of the national court has asked the Swiss authorities to unblock the accounts that Luis Bárcenas, Francisco Correa, Pablo Crespo and Iván Yáñez have in the country to face the economic responsibilities for which they were convicted in the trial time I of the Gürtel case and amounting to more than 58 million euros.

By ordinance, the magistrates send to the authorities of the Swiss Confederation the consents granted by the four convicts for the release of their accounts in this country, so that they are transferred to the judicial account of the Spanish Court “for their application to the pecuniary responsibilities to which they have been convicted in the present proceedings ”.

The letter specifies that in addition to civil liability, seizures and fines, the amounts liable to conviction in the case of Bárcenas amount to 36.2 million euros; for Correa, they total 11.3 million; in the case of Iván Yáñez 6 million and in that of Crespo 5.1.

The Chamber indicates that in the event of a surplus remaining after all the pecuniary obligations to which they have been sentenced have been discharged, it must be made available to other proceedings opened against the above-mentioned offenders which originate from the same proceedings in which they have been condemned, the blockade has been approved by the Swiss authorities.

Of these four convicts, the maximum sentence fell on Correa (51 years old), while the Supreme Court lowered that of Bárcenas from 33 to 29 – who will serve a maximum of 12 years -. He imposed 36 years and 8 months on Pablo Crespo; and Iván Yáñez was reduced from 3 to 1 year and 10 months.

The decision recognized a system of corruption created by the companies of the Grupo Correa and the “people of the People’s Party” which gave them “favorable arbitrary treatment” when they were hired.

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