the National Court orders the repatriation of the Swiss looting of 50 million Correa and Bárcenas

The execution section of the National High Court has ordered the repatriation to Spain of 50,342,106 euros from Gürtel’s land in Switzerland.

For the moment, the funds remain blocked in the accounts of Credit Suisse, Lombard Odier, LGT Bank, Mirabaud and Banque SYZ, which belong to Luis Bárcenas, Iván Yáñez, Francisco Correa and Pablo Crespo.

Thus, the court decreed “the execution” of the final judgment rendered by the Supreme Court in October, corresponding to the period 1999-2005, the first period of this plot. It is now the Swiss authorities who make available to the Spanish justice “the blocked balances” of the main convicts in this case.

In the case of the ex-treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, Switzerland must deliver 10,584,701 euros which are deposited in Lombard Odier. In addition, you must unlock 11,830,689.62 euros which are in the LGT Bank.

The National Court estimates that there are some 22 million euros in the name of the former “popular” leader. Although, according to “El Mundo”, sources close to Bárcenas point out that the quantity stored in these two deposits is much greater.

The magistrate is also claiming 1,637,319.44 euros from Switzerland to Bárcenas’ lawyer in this country, Iván Yáñez. Money deposited at LGT Bank and SYZ Bank on behalf of Granda Global, SA

However, the greatest fortune is Francisco Correa, who has 24,041,213 euros at Credit Suisse. This amount was paid through Golden Chain Properties, SA, managed by Arturo Fasana.

The court also asks that the 2,248,184.16 euros be returned to businessman Pablo Crespo. Whoever was Correa’s number 2, as LaSexta learned, did not oppose the repatriation of these funds and agrees that “the last penny” is allocated to the civil liability imposed on him in the sentence.

Then we attach the decree of the execution section of the criminal chamber of the National High Court:

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