The National Court reactivates the complaint against the leader of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali

Publication: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 10:02 PM

National court judge Santiago Pedraz has decided to reactivate a 2016 complaint against Polisario Front secretary general Brahim Ghali, who is admitted to a hospital in Logroño recovering from Covid-19. The magistrate asked for the identification of this person, suspecting his entry into Spain with a false identity.

Ghali was summoned to testify in the National High Court on June 1. The summons to testify concerns the complaint filed by Fabel Breica, a Sahrawi activist of Spanish nationality, who denounced him for illegal detention, torture and crimes against humanity. Breica criticized the official position of the Polisario Front led by Ghali.

During one of his stays in Tindouf camps in 2019, he was arrested and sent to an unknown location where he was tortured with beatings, electrocutions and bound hands and feet. He was urged to leave the area and was labeled a traitor. It is for these facts that he was summoned to testify on June 1.

On Ghali, there is another complaint filed by the Sahrawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights, which urged the judge to identify the person admitted to Logroño. This organization accuses him of genocide “in conjunction with the crimes of murder, injury, illegal detention, terrorism, torture and disappearances”.

The investigations were left at an impasse due to the limits imposed by the reform of universal justice, as he was not a Spanish citizen or was not in the national territory. Public knowledge that Ghali is in Spain is at the root of the diplomatic conflict that has led to thousands of immigrants entering Ceuta from the Moroccan coast in the past 24 hours. The government assures us that the reception of the Polisario leader is due to “strictly humanitarian” reasons.

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