The Native American community celebrated Chhath

In America, Indo-Americans mainly from Bihar, Jharkhand and eastern Uttar Pradesh celebrated the Chhath festival by worshiping the Sun God. Community members performed Chhath Puja in various reservoirs across the country, including temporary reservoirs built in the historic Potomac River, lakes, and homes in New Jersey, ensuring social distancing law was followed as a result. of the global Kovid-19 epidemic.

This is how Chhath was celebrated

Hundreds of Indo-American devotees watched all festival-related events on Zoom and other social media forums, including the Friday Sunset Worship and Saturday Sunrise Worship. Chhath is an ancient Hindu festival celebrated primarily in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. During this time, people keep fasting, bathe in rivers, and worship the Sun God. The festival, celebrated over four days, ended on Saturday morning.

Social distancing is also followed

Indo-American Kripa Singh said: ‘At one time only 25 people were present in the Potomac River and family members maintained social distancing from each other. People who came to the campus to see Chhath Puja were also standing at a distance. Singh, a software engineer by profession, has been celebrating Chhath Puja since 2006 with his wife Anita on the banks of the Potomac River in the Virginia suburb of Washington DC.

Online broadcast

Singh said the entire program from Kharna to Arghya is offered on Zoom and Facebook for those who could not attend due to the outbreak. It was also broadcast to their families living in India and Nepal. The Bihar Jharkhand Association of North America celebrated Chhath Puja for the fourth consecutive year at Thomson Park in Monroe, New Jersey. Indian Consulate General Randhir Jaiswal and Deputy Consul General Shatrughan Sinha also attended the ceremony in New York. Chhath Puja has also been celebrated in Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas.

This Chhath festival was celebrated in America

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