The new ‘hybrid’ concept of the HR Hybrid Forum is causing a sensation: disruption, innovation, digitalization, security …

The era of the coronavirus, teleworking, technology … and the hybrid!

The new “ hybrid ” concept of the HR Hybrid Forum is causing a sensation: disruption, innovation, digitalization, security …

Beyond the success of the congress in terms of the level of experts, the quality of the presentations and discussion tables and the number of virtual assistants, the HR Hybrid Forum has become a benchmark within the HR sector and the business world. And it is that the hybrid concept had a spectacular reception, both among the people who gathered, in person, at the Espacio Rastro Madrid and all those who followed the congress virtually. And it is that with this mixed version, counting on a face-to-face and an online part, not only the quality of the event is guaranteed but also the hygiene and safety measures essential in these times of pandemic.

The formula that RRHHDigital found to be able to run the HR Hybrid Forum these days was to use the hybrid format, bringing together some of the speakers and sponsors in a physical way, and to use the online mode for the rest of the speakers and to the congressmen. Thus, thanks to an irreproachable audiovisual production and realization, the more than 500 people involved in the event were able to enjoy a quality day in complete safety.

Moreover, this event only underscored the value of the new hybrid work environment, the new preferred modality of work for the majority of workers and companies once we have overcome the damn coronavirus pandemic. And it is that last Thursday we were able to verify that hybrid means quality, it means innovation, it means globalization and, above all, and even more in these times, it means security.

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The HR Hybrid Forum took place on Thursday, October 22, in a hybrid format, with a face-to-face part at Espacio Rastro Madrid, and another online, in streaming which reached more than 400 people. It is the flagship congress of the new reality of the HR sector and the business world, in which the keys and trends of this era of the coronavirus have been analyzed.

The event featured speakers such as Carlos Olave, Global Head of Human Resources at LG Electronics; Ignacio Villoch, Senior Open Innovation Ecosystem Creator at BBVA; Javier Rodrguez Zapatero, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of ISDI; Jess Torres, HR Director of Rentokil Initialy and President of AEDRH; Manuel Terroba, CEO of BMW Ibrica; Eva Ivars, CEO of Afflelou Spain, Diego Martn, Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations Iberia atHPE; Margarita Álvarez, founder of Working for Happiness; Laura Baena, founder of the Club de Malasmadres; Andrea Barber, CEO and co-founder of RatedPower, the journalist and Teresa Viejo; and the great chef Ferran Adri. In addition, Begoa Villacs, deputy mayor of Madrid, was in charge of closing the event.

The HR Hybrid Forum has E as main sponsor, Gi Group as Gold Sponsor Plus, Cigna, Personio and Nationale Nederlanden as gold sponsor, ISDI, Cobee, Pleo, Incipy and Compass Group / Eurest as silver sponsor and TAD Producciones, The Digital Workplaces, Coca Cola, Espacio Rastro Madrid and Barn de Salamanca as bronze sponsors. In addition, Coonices the official event agency, BMW Madrides the official car and Eventing and LG are technology sponsors. The congress is organized byRRHHDigital, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Human Resources Directors (AEDRH), institutional sponsor.

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