The new Microsoft Edge dashboard adapts to your work

With Microsoft Edge, the Microsoft team strives to make us more productive in our work and to have information at our fingertips. For the past year and a half, they’ve been bringing Office 365 content to Microsoft Edge. So that we can continue to work where we left off. Today, they added news and information from their favorite content providers in a new “My Feed” section of the new tab page for businesses.

News tailored to your work

This customizable feed is designed to keep us informed and connected to industry information. Previously, the tab experience offered news as a standalone element. Now we’re going to get a better job and some news available in one view. We will see “My Source” available in versions of Microsoft Edge Insider starting with version 87.0.0.

My feed is now available on the Microsoft Edge Enterprise new tab page

By signing in with your Azure Active Directory work or school account, opening a new tab page in Microsoft Edge brings you familiar Office 365 work and productivity content and new items that organize relevant news sources. for your industry and interests at a glance.

My Source collects information from news providers relevant to your job and industry. This can be personalized according to your interest. IT admins can select the topics and interests available to their organization in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center portal.

Info cards briefly display both history and provider, so you can choose to consume information from trusted providers. To customize your feed based on your interests, click Personalize and choose the content that best matches the interests available to your organization.

Choose from a selection of interests available on the left to generate your feed. Choose Tile View or Topic View to view the content in My Feed. These commands are available in the upper right corner of the My Source menu.

Meet the requirements of Microsoft 365

Office and productivity experiences on the New Business Tab page, including Microsoft’s Bing search, dynamic icons, and Office 365 content, remain supported and serve business data. Thus, they maintain the standard of quality implied by Microsoft 365.

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