The new Microsoft Edge now available for Windows 10X

Microsoft announced in 2019 Windows 10X, the operating system designed for devices with two screens. Subsequently, they decided to focus on devices with a screen first. Because of this, we’ll see the first single-screen devices in the first half of 2021. Microsoft accidentally released a Chromium-based Microsoft Edge download page where “Windows 10X” and “HoloLens” are listed as supported versions.

Microsoft Edge now supports Windows 10X

At the time of writing this article, the Microsoft Edge downloads page lists Windows 10X and HoloLens in the “other platforms” section.

According to the Microsoft Edge website, Redmonds have updated the website to include the two platforms shown in the list of compatible hardware today.

One of the main advantages is that Microsoft is already developing Chromium Edge for “the Windows.Core family, HoloLens and Xbox One”.

Last year, reports suggested that Microsoft would optimize Chromium Edge for Windows 10X for a more flexible software experience, and not come with UWP Edge.

Microsoft will promote it as a competitor to Chrome OS. Microsoft is also considering enabling support for Win32 applications using “Cloud PC”, but this operating system is likely to be entirely UWP and PWA based.

Windows 10X will only run the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and web apps. Apps like Spotify, Uber, etc. they will be supported as long as they can run in a Microsoft Edge or UWP container.

In 2022, when Microsoft plans to expand this operating system to include two displays, Microsoft could relaunch the Win32 application virtualization model.

Businesses interested in low-cost Windows 10X computers will be able to run their offered Win32 programs through Cloud PC or similar technology. Cloud PC and streaming desktop application support will help meet business needs and resolve compatibility issues.

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