The new Spotify interface is coming to the Windows 10 desktop app

At the end of March, Spotify announced the renewal of the interface of its application for Windows 10. In addition, they have a unified code between the web application and the desktop application that we can download from the Microsoft Store or from the site Spotify.

Spotify for desktop and Spotify for the web: closer than ever

This new experience has already been coming to the web version of Spotify for a few weeks, and now it looks like it’s already available in the desktop app. This is a server initiated update, so it will not be necessary to update the app to apply it.

Source: Microsofters

The desktop application has a number of advantages over the web, although the latter offers better performance and less resource consumption. Among the “benefits” of the former is the ability to browse your local music library, download music if you have Spotify Premium, and other features.

This new design is simpler and more modern and even includes new features such as new tools for creating playlists, which allow us to drag and drop songs into playlists.

In addition, there is a new drop-down menu with new options. For Spotify Premium users, the ability to download songs is also included by clicking the new offline button.

The web is advancing steadily and more and more leading developers are using web technologies to build their applications. This is the recent case of Facebook and Instagram, applications that have been converted to PWA (progressive web applications) on Windows 10.

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