The News & Interests widget comes from previous versions of Windows

It looks like Microsoft is determined to bring support and new features to previous versions of Windows 10. After doing so with the Meet button, now comes News and Interests. And if in doubt, we’ll explain what the news and interests are.

News and interests, a very interesting widget for Windows 10

It looks like widgets are back in fashion and Microsoft wants us to take more advantage of our taskbar with News & Interests. This widget has been with us for a few months on the Windows Insider Dev channel.

With News and Interests, we have quick access to the latest news, from the sources we want to choose, as well as weather and stock market information. It is based on our MSN feed and we can configure it however we like to be really useful.

Now, with the last update that reached the Beta and Release Preview channels, the arrival of the 2004 version of Windows 10 has been announced. This will allow access to this feature in the last two stable versions of Windows 10 and over 70% of the user quota.

This widget is a statement of intent when it comes to changing the way we work with the Windows 10 taskbar. Something so classic in Windows is changing to accommodate new ones. uses. This widget has a lot of potential and is improved with great frequency based on user feedback.

We hope that this widget and its arrival in several versions of Windows 10 will speed up its development and the debugging of possible errors to make it a fundamental part. For now, stay tuned because very soon you will be able to test this widget and be aware of the news that interests you the most. Windows 10 continues to grow in the face of the update from Sun Valley.

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