The next Windows will feature iPadOS-style widgets

When we first started hearing about Sun Valley we thought it would be a slight “modernization” of the new parts of the massive Windows 10 beast. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Only the passage of months has revealed to us the true nature of this project: disrupting Windows to modernize the entire operating system and offer new features to individuals. Today we come to inform you of the latest to arrive to our ears: widgets.

Widgets will be part of the “Windows revolution”

“Windows Widgets,” is something that slides from the left side of the screen with a swiping gesture. 🧐

– WalkingCat (@ _h0x0d_) May 28, 2021

This was confirmed by the famous WalkingCat leaker on his Twitter account. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this new feature, so everything indicates that it will be included in the next major version of the operating system.

While we don’t have any images of how this implementation will ultimately look, we can assume that it will be something very similar to iPadOS widgets. These are also located on the left side of the screen and offer relevant information while allowing you to interact with them.

The first widget we are aware of is News and Interests, which has already been backported to current versions of Windows 10. Since Windows 10 does not have this area for widgets, it has been placed in the taskbar.

We love to see how Microsoft is again generating a lot of buzz around Windows. After many years of crossing the desert, it seems that now, under the leadership of Panos Panay, Windows wants to surprise the world again with a new version that is making the headlines. Will it be successful?

Microsoft manages everything with the utmost secrecy. We haven’t been able to see a single screenshot of this new version of Windows yet, but it’s not leak-proof. We’ve put together everything we know so far in this article. It is expected that in a few weeks those of Redmond will celebrate a big event to present the next generation of Windows. Stay tuned!

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