the night in the whole rushed after more than a month of conversations

The motion of censure against the regional government of Murcia was forged in Madrid, between the secretary of the PSOE Organization, José Luis Ábalos, and the territorial coordinator, Santos Cerdán, on the one hand, and on behalf of Ciudadanos, Carlos Cuadrado. Although they have already worked on it, everything was rushed tonight.

Conversations between the leaders of the two parties have been going on for more than a month and always in a low-key way. They assure that if it is presented now, it is because they are convinced that they will win. As laSexta learned, the deal is for the PSOE to take over the office of the mayor and the citizens, the regional government.

Vice-President Carmen Calvo expressed her opinion on this: “If we look closely, the truth is that the PP had terrible results in the last regional elections, which covered it with apparent victories” and defended this mechanism – that of the motion of censure: “No one disputes that when you have support in the Chamber you govern legally and legitimately but if you realize it, the PP thus forming a government in the territories, asked the Spanish government. ”

In an informal conversation with journalists, Calvo assured that the People’s Party “lived in a mirage”: “We won the elections, they won the governments with very forced pacts and if you do that, a lot can be done. happen to you, ”he says.

Likewise, he also alluded to Ciudadanos, whose leader, Inés Arrimadas, “may run out of time”, insists Calvo: “They know what they have to do in each territory,” he said. The spokeswoman for the minister, María Jesús Montero, also believes that this is a good opportunity and that the electoral results have given for it and, according to her, they show that the electoral alliances with PP and Voz, citizens, assures t -she do harm.

The citizens of Murcia have taken the first step

However, after interviewing different leaders of Ciudadanos, such as the Minister of Universities of Madrid, Eduardo Sicilia, the vice-president of the region, Ignacio Aguado or Inés Arrimadas herself, responsible for training, none of them ‘made a statement on the proposal. , and they place the party’s position at the press conference convened by Ana Martínez Vidal this Wednesday.

From the national leadership of the party, they explain that it was the citizens of Murcia who raised this possibility to the leadership of Madrid. At first they were asked to reorient the vaccine situation, but “when the tension rose with last week’s issue, they already gave the green light”.

The current Minister of Health, Miquel Iceta, has also spoken, who even admits having “no idea” of the proposals launched by the Socialists and the members of Ciudadanos: “Everything is defensible if you can present it under this angle. Well, and that is explained, it is perfectly legitimate, “he said on Wednesday in statements to RNE.

At the same time, Iceta, asked if this movement could bring the formation led by Inés Arrimadas back to the government, did not hide that he would like to experience an orange approach to the executive. “Yes for me, the closer they bring me, the more I love him: literally,” he concludes.

In Podemos, according to José Enrique Monrosi, they admit that they were not aware of the operation and that it has moved them so much that they do not know what they are going to do because, they remember , in the city council, they are essential, but not so much in the region.

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