The night of the riots in Barcelona ends with 14 inmates

The Mossos d’Esquadra arrested a total of 14 people on Saturday night during riots during the protest in Barcelona in support of rapper Pablo Hasél, the body reported in a statement.

Of the 14 arrests, three were for kiosk robbery and the other 10 were related to vandalism and public disturbance. One of these arrests took place in the morning of this Sunday.

The peaceful demonstration started around 6 pm and gathered around 4,000 people; Later, around 8:30 p.m., some participants started causing damage on public roads and playing in another night of riots, and even set a City Guard van in La Rambla on fire with at least one officer in attendance. interior, who managed to escape. unharmed.

The march went well until minority groups of protesters started removing the sewers and throwing them at the Mossos. They also launched fireworks and burnt down bank branches. The mobilization moved towards the most commercial area of ​​Barcelona, ​​where the eleventh day of the altercations began to unfold.

The most tense moments of this meeting were undoubtedly lived in Las Ramblas. A group of violent people used stones, bottles and firecrackers to attack an Urban Guard police station, which prompted officers to attend the scene to disperse the concentrated population.

In Sabadell, there was an isolation incident: a group of demonstrators crashed into an ATM, without producing more notorious incidents. This is how a new day of protests took place which began early in the day, when a group of around 60 protesters cut the AP7 on their way through town and a few minutes later , the Mossos expelled.

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