The notaries admit not having verified the origin of the SMS that Francisco Martínez gave them

Updated: Monday, December 14, 2020 10:40 AM

Published on: 12/14/2020 08:55

The notaries cited before the judge that the former Secretary of State for Security Francisco Martínez had gone to record the messages allegedly exchanged with the former Minister of the Interior Jorge Fernández Díaz in which they would speak of the “Kitchen” operation.

And according to legal sources at LaSexta, the two notaries declared to have recorded in the minutes the messages that the former number 2 of the Interior had transmitted to them without making any verification of the origin. At no time did they take any steps to check whether the messages could be manipulated, reports Alfonso Pérez Medina.

The magistrate of the national court Manuel García-Castellón called them to testify as witnesses (these are notaries Enrique A. Franch Quiralte and Alberto Vela Navarro-Rubio) to “fully accredit the identity of the sender / recipient messages on their mobile phone and which were protocolized in June and October 2019 by Francisco Martínez surveyed “.

The summons came after Anti-Corruption concluded that during the confrontation that took place on November 13 between the former Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and Francisco Martínez, it was not possible to clarify the ‘one of the contradictions he had previously expressed in their respective statements on the Operation Kitchen investigation.

Indeed, it is not excluded that the judge will again have one of the two protagonists of this confrontation testify, to question him again on his role in this parapolice operation, paid for with reserved funds, and created in 2013 to steal the information compromising the PP that Bárcenas kept. Prosecutors have asked Judge García Castellón to call the notaries to testify, because against those Martínez supports, the former minister denies being the author of the messages and even questioned how one of the notarial acts was been drafted.

Among the protocolized messages, there would be those sent in the summer of 2013 in which Fernández Díaz allegedly asked Martínez to know if the driver of the former treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas was an informant of the police; and in which the former secretary of state urges the minister to speak out after “making contact with Cecilio”, this is how the CNI is called in police jargon.

Another recorded message would be the one informing that “the operation was carried out successfully”, referring to the emptying of the information which contained “2 iphones and 1 Ipad”, which would presumably belong to the ex-treasurer of the PP. The ordinance recalls that Francisco Martínez specified that it was about a referral and Fernández Díaz declared that it is “unlikely” that he wrote it as minister, since it is about ‘an “operation text”.

Notary Alberto Vela Navarro-Rubio, although he is summoned as a witness, may be accompanied by a lawyer, because in the order of 23 November by which the magistrate agreed to call them to testify, he also accepted a Another request from The fight against corruption, that of initiating proceedings and withholding in favor of a court in Mahón (Menorca) to investigate him for an alleged crime of violation of secrets.

As the investigating judge in his car explains, the notary, who has a friendship with Martínez, may have committed the crime last March when he contacted the former secretary of state to ask how to delete certain messages. . This conversation could have taken place after being requested by the court, and with the express warning of the secrecy of the proceedings, to issue a copy of the notarized certificate of the protocolized messages. Martínez defended before the judge, as well as in an appeal against the prosecution of the notary, that the elimination of these “whatsapps” would be linked to a “joke with daring images”.

The judge of ‘Kitchen’ also summoned Commissioners Pino and García Castaño because “it seems reasonable to infer that this message could have been sent originally by some of these members of the police management”, with whom, in In addition, the former minister admitted to having had “frequent contacts”.

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