The number of women managers in the reform and construction sector is increasing

While it is true that the industrial sector, services and even tourism have been masculinized sectors and, in fact, in recent times the situation has not changed much, it is also true that by delving into its different categories, it is possible to observe how the presence affects the women employed in any of them.

From, a Marketplace specializing in connecting users with companies, he analyzes some of these sectors to identify how the pandemic has affected or not the evolution of the integration of women in jobs and in particular in positions. of management.

In the cleaning category, the positions of greatest responsibility fall to women, both in the performance of managerial and managerial tasks in percentages above 97%.

In the removals category, the percentage is 20% in the management part and around 30% in the part which refers to the execution.

Regarding the online category, we observe that in the management of RRSS (fc, ig, link), the share of execution and management would actually exceed 90% in female positions, however, the share web creation and technology they continue to keep their male colleagues busy.

The presence of women employed in the aluminum carpentry category was partially reduced at the initial stage of the Covid crisis. On the contrary, the presence of workers maintained more usual management percentages for the sector above 80%, but with the normalization of the pandemic situation, the return of women to managerial positions was observed, in particular in medium and family businesses.

In the words of Jose Antonio Marta CEO of, “yes, we have detected in general, in the different categories that we have in the market, that there is a second generation ‘wave’ of women (carpentry, pest control, architects, or office furniture) and even in “caves” as traditional as the reform sector in general, who have taken an active role in management, leaving part of the execution to take the reins. highly qualified positions. And the fact is that, if a few years ago the work of a purchasing department or that of a quality manager was carried out by women for the most part, today these women are leading a change of generation and are managers and heads of business “.

Currently,, which is consolidated in the space renovation sector thanks to its innovation and development policy, has opened an investment round to boost its expansion and open its activities in Madrid through three categories , in addition to expanding its workforce. This is one more example of the moment of growth in which the company finds itself, which will continue to consolidate its business model to offer a quality service in line with the needs of its customers.

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