The obstacles that keep the independence movement away are pushing Catalonia to an electoral rehearsal

Publication: Sunday, May 16, 2021 2:36 PM

The Catalan National Assembly lobbied pro-independence parties to avoid an election rehearsal ten days before the deadline, urging them to come to an agreement and form a government. During a demonstration in which 1,200 people took part, the separatists declared that “their patience is running out”. Thus, the organization assured that it would not support the government if it is not clearly independent or if there is an electoral rehearsal.

Despite this, the entity underlined the important role of the Council of the Republic, one of the outstanding obstacles of the independence movement, since ERC and Junts disagree with the role that this entity should assume, in the hands of Puigdemont, since Junts considers him to be the champion of his cause before international courts.

A fact that Carles Ferreira, a political scientist at the University of Kent, explains by stating that “Junts continues with the narrative that Puigdemont is the rightful president and that the environment of Waterloo must have a leading role.”

In this context, negotiations between ERC and Junts Per Cat have so far been of no use in the struggle to lead the independence movement. Frictions between the two separatist formations were forged within the government and during the campaign they became explicit. The reason, according to political scientist and journalist Estefanía Molina, is that “Junts used a lot the idea that ERC was going to accept a tripartite to try to push him”, something, he says, that “ERC was upset”.

There is also no agreement of the separatist formations on a unitary strategy in the Congress of Deputies. For his part, Junts questions the dialogue table, in the opinion of political scientist Estefanía Molina, for having shown that ERC’s biteralist strategy “does not work”.

The result of these differences is the lack of agreement within the Generalitat. If there is no agreement in ten days, there will be new elections. In this case, Junts could no longer exploit, as he had done in the previous one, a hypothetical agreement between Esquerra and the PSC and the reissue of the tripartite.

Moreover, the return to the polls could also modify the scenario of non-independence. The level of abstention could vary in a second election in the event of a pandemic, and even more given the extent of the disappointment of the independence movement due to the failure of negotiations after in February, and for the first time. , the symbolic figure of 50% of the votes.

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