The office is not dead, it has transformed

The office that was known before the pandemic has been transformed. With the Covid-19, dozens of workers have been forced to adapt their housing and do the work they did in the office from home. This resulted in a transformation of the office into a much more flexible space. So affirms the professor of economics and business studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), Eva Rimbau.

A survey conducted by the educational institution itself shows that 80% of employees enjoy working remotely. Only 69% of those surveyed said they would feel comfortable returning to the office. And 76% say that if they had to look for a job, they would go for one that allowed them to work remotely.

Manel Fernndez Jaria, collaborating professor at UOC Economics and Business Studies, considers that “the era of flexibility has entered. Companies will have to adapt if they want to have the best ”. Those who do not adapt will have “more difficulty”, in the words of the teacher, to be able to attract talent “because they do not have a flexible conciliation policy or adapted to workers. People won’t want to work under what conditions, ”he warns.

However, most workers opt for the coexistence of a mixed working model, that is, combining work at home and in the office. 36% of those questioned in the study prefer to telecommute three days a week. In addition, the study shows that in 19% of cases, working remotely under ideal conditions improves performance. In addition, in 10% of cases, the quality of work also increases. “There are no formulas to forbid going to the office one day or another, the answer will be the employees and the activities to be carried out”, assures Rimbau.

To improve the quality of remote work, they advise learning time management habits, knowing the work tools available, that companies offer emotional support and that they accompany the design of the new home work environment. .

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