“The one who is not vaccinated is the first not to be protected”

Updated: Monday, November 30, 2020 4:06 PM

Published on: 11/30/2020 15:55

“If the vaccine is tested by pharmaceutical agencies in Spain, Europe or the United States, I get vaccinated.” This is how Luis Enjuanes, research professor at CSIC and director of the Coronavirus laboratory at the National Biotechnology Center (CNB), was resounding during a virtual conference on vaccines organized by the Alternativas Foundation.

An opinion also shared by Margarita del Val, virologist at CSIC, who in this same speech was against the obligation of the COVID-19 vaccine. “We must not force ourselves, we must let everyone convince themselves at their own pace. Spain is the country in Europe with the most confidence in vaccines, you only have to see the number of people who have been vaccinated in this year’s flu campaign, ”said the expert.

Del Val insists that the vaccine will protect, in the first place, the vaccinated person and underlines that “if the effectiveness of the vaccine were 100%, it would be enough that 60/70% of the people are vaccinated”. “If the efficiency is 50%, the most should be vaccinated for the better to start exerting a collective immunity effect that protects others”, added the virologist, who recalls that “the one who is not vaccinated is the first to remain unprotected “.

Regarding the actual effectiveness of the first vaccines to hit the market, the researchers explained that it will depend on what type of population they are indicated, as some will be more suitable for children and others for the older population, for example, but above all it will depend on whether they prevent contagion or whether they only protect the vaccinated person.

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