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The essentials With the opening of Hall 7 this Saturday, June 5, in addition to Hall 8 of the former exhibition center, two days before the first date, the Toulouse vaccine park (Ramier) has increased significantly with 6,000 injections in one day. Samu 31’s doctor ensures that the structure can perform 10,000 doses per day.

“We really want to move on,” says Étienne, 21, a student in Toulouse, who took the opportunity to vaccinate after the government had announced that it would open vaccination against Covid from the age of 18.

The opening of Hall 7 this Saturday, June 5th, two days before the scheduled date on Monday, June 7th, in addition to Hall 8, showed that the Ramier vaccinodrome was ready to run. As of May 31st, reservations were full.

Visitor numbers rose sharply and this was noticed from 8:30 am with traffic jams on the Pierre de Coubertin bridge and around the vaccination center where the guards checked the cell phone connected to the appointment page of hundreds of patients. .

“Vaccinate the population of Toulouse in September”

Inside is a small, well-oiled vaccine plant that accompanies the patient to the various boxes depending on the vaccine chosen. It is supported by nurses, students, volunteers from Samu, CHU, firefighters and other civil security volunteers and a coordinated doctor.

It takes a total of one hour to take a dose (the second 42 days later). Toulouse is gaining momentum, with the wish of the head of Samu 31 Vincent Bounes that “the entire population of Toulouse could be vaccinated in September”. The target of 5,000 injections per day (Pfizer and Moderna) already expired on June 5th with the opening of Hall 7.

The amplitude of the battlements

“We have opened the vaccination slots for all adults and even for 16-18 year olds with fairly serious chronic illnesses,” explains chief physician Manon Bechu, doctor at Samu 31. The first patients arrived around 8:30 am, we have more than the vaccination capacity doubled: We give 2,500 vaccinations in hall 8 and today 3,500 in hall 7. We go to 6,000 and think that we can achieve up to 10,000 injections per day because we only have two thirds of the capacity of hall 7 open. “

100,000 people have already been vaccinated, recalled the Mayor of Toulouse and the President of the Toulouse Métropole Jean-Luc Moudenc, who was present with his deputy advisor for the Covid crisis François Chollet for the expansion of the Ramier vaccinodrome.

“We provided 1,000 chairs, 250 tables, 150 computers, 50 printers, we set up the internet connection, it is a big logistical task that mobilized many agents, the guard, the mayor greeted. We were finally finished two days earlier than planned. That means that everyone mobilized. I am optimistic that we will reach 200,000 vaccinations in June ”.

Also note the ramp-up of the Pierre Baudis vaccination center, which has increased from 500 to 700 doses per day.

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