the opposition and its partners ask you to leave Health “immediately”


Publication: Monday, January 4, 2021 6:33 PM

The double facet of Salvador Illa as CEO of Spain against COVID-19 and the CPS candidate for President of the Generalitat agrees with the opposition and some of the government partners: the pandemic requires exclusive dedication and They are not compatible.

This is how the national spokesperson of the PP, José Luis Martínez Almeida, this morning criticized the fact that Salvador Illa is minister at “the hour of the party”: “When we are in this possible third wave and in the vaccination process, the Ministry can not be used as a watchtower to promote itself as a candidate.

In addition, the mayor of Madrid insisted that the candidacy of the head of the department “is neither dignified nor decent in political terms” and that Salvador Illa should have resigned now.

Almeida has raised his tone against President Pedro Sánchez, since he considers that if he has decided to send Illa back to Catalonia, he has two readings: “Either he does not consider him sufficiently prepared to be Minister of Health for the moment. “, Or that the leader the socialist” understands that it is better to put the interests of the party before that of Spain “.

The party spokesman preceded the popular president, Pablo Casado, who participated with Isabel Díaz Ayuso in an act of delivering toys, where he took the opportunity to demand that the government devote itself to “saving lives and not to to make a campaign”. Madrid’s president took advantage of the microphones to describe Illa as a “minister on the run”.

Arrimadas deplores the “part-time minister”

The president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, also indicted Illa’s appointment as a candidate for the Generalitat and defined him as a “part-time minister”, which the Ministry of Health cannot afford at the start of the third wave.

“If you want to be a candidate, you stop being a minister”, he concluded in an interview, because the management of the pandemic cannot be done “when the campaign leaves you for a short period”.

If anything has given the opposition political ammunition in recent weeks, it is the interview Illa gave the day before being nominated, where he repeatedly denied that he could replace Miquel Iceta in as the head of the Catalan socialists.

“Lies or opportunism can’t be a good cover letter,” said the Orange leader.

This morning, the first secretary of the PSC defended Illa’s performance in “Al Rojo Vivo”: “Salvador would have let himself be killed before announcing it in front of me”.

Vox: “I should have resigned months ago”

With more force, the vice-president of Vox and MEP, Jorge Buxadé, for whom Illa should not resign now because he is a candidate for the CPS, but should have done so months ago for health management.

“Unlike other parties, we have it very clear. Mr Illa should not be a minister for months and we want him to stop being now,” said the party spokesman. far right.

Bid puts strain on United We Can relationship

But perhaps the most serious relationship that has strained Illa’s candidacy for the Generalitat is with her own government partner and potential ally after the Catalan elections: United We Can.

The reaction did not come from the mouth of its leader, Pablo Iglesias, or his parliamentary spokesperson, Pablo Echenique. Purple MP Juantxo López de Uralde defended in an interview with Radio Vitoria that the Minister of Health should leave his post because it is not possible to campaign and fight the pandemic at the same time.

“It does not seem illegitimate for him to decide to stand for an election, the Catalan in this case, because he has every right to be a candidate, but in the current circumstances the Minister of Health must concentrate on the fight against the pandemic, “said former Eco leader and United We Can environmental reference. The reason is that the electoral campaigns are “long” and although the elections are held in February “everyone is in pre-campaign”.

The Minister will devote himself “body and soul” until the start of the campaign

Illa, however, ignored the criticism. He did so from Moncloa, where he appeared after the Interterritorial Health Committee meeting with the minister called upon to replace him, Carolina Darias. At question time, the head of health assured that he will exercise his responsibilities “until the start of the electoral campaign” and that, until then, he will devote himself “body and soul” to the fight against the pandemic.

“All the moments that I will devote to him”, he stressed, also specifying that his task at the head of the ministry will continue to be done “with humility and discretion”.

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