The Orange Solidarity Trophies reward three good practices in inclusion, the environment and responsible use of technologies

The Orange Solidarity Trophies reward three good practices in inclusion, the environment and responsible use of technologies

Orange today announced the winners of the 10th edition of the “Orange Solidarity Trophies: Who do you want to help? ”, whose objective is to reward the work of entities, companies, foundations or NGOs that stand out in aspects such as environmental protection, digital inclusion and responsible use of technology.

The total prize money this time amounts to € 100,000, collected internally from Orange employees through various initiatives carried out over the past year, such as markets, auctions and other solidarity actions.

The winners of the 10th edition of the Orange Solidarity Trophies are:

– Climate Change Award (endowed with 35,000 euros), which rewards innovative solutions to protect the environment and fight against climate change for:

UNHCR. Agriculture as a sustainable livelihood for refugees and host communities in Kenya.

– Digital Inclusion Prize (endowed with 35,000 euros), intended for projects that promote digital progressively to reduce inequalities and make technological solutions a useful tool for the integration of the most vulnerable groups for:

Donadoo Solidarity. Donadoo-Orange solidarity market. ” Second life ”.

– Responsible use of technologies award (endowed with 30,000 euros), which recognizes initiatives aimed at promoting safe and responsible use of ICT, as well as informing and raising awareness among children and the elderly about their opportunities, but also on the risk of bad practices and their consequences for:

SOS Children’s Villages of Spain. Values ​​Program: Promoting the values, the SDGs and the responsible use of technology in primary schools across Spain.

The final decision on the successful initiatives was taken today, July 21, by a jury made up of Julia Sanchez, General Manager of Escuela Superior de Msica Reina Sofa; Jess Vzquez, Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the United Nations Refugee Agency; Ana Sainz Martn, director of Fundacin SeRES (Fundacin Sociedad y Empresa Responsable); Eduardo Gonzalez, Deputy Director General for Climate Change Policy Coordination of the Spanish Office of Climate Change, Isidro Rodrguez, Director of the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation; Francisco Mesonero, Director General of the Adecco Foundation; Miguel ngel Tobas, director of films and social documentaries, writer and lecturer; Luz Usamentiaga (Director General of Regulation, RRII, External Communication, CSR and Fundacin Orange) and Daniel Morales (Director of CSR and Fundacin Orange).

According to Luz Usamentiaga, Director General of Regulation, RRII, External Communication, CSR and the Orange Foundation, “ this year has been particularly difficult for society as a whole, both because of the health emergency that we are still going through and the economic crisis that affects so many families. With these Orange Solidarity Trophies, which for a decade have already supported valuable initiatives to improve the lives of the most vulnerable, Orange once again confirms its commitment to a more just and sustainable society for all. ”

In the first phase, interested entities and companies submitted their application using the form available on the Solidarios Orange website.

In addition, as is traditional in the operation of these awards, Orange employees were able to actively propose valuable candidates for each of the categories considered.

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