The other judicial fronts of King Juan Carlos after having regularized his situation with the Treasury

Published: Thursday, December 10, 2020 7:01 AM

In April 2012, the photo depicting the hunt and accident in Botswana of King Juan Carlos I marks a before and after. The image breaks the silence on Corinna Larsen, who was traveling with the King.

Juan Carlos I apologized for going hunting at a time when Spain was mired in an economic crisis, but at that time, according to investigations opened today, the King Emeritus would already accumulate up to 100 million dollars.

The King Emeritus has two cases open before the Supreme Court, where he is measured: the investigation into the alleged recovery of illegal commissions for the work of the AVE in Mecca in 2014 (still inviolable) and that related to companies in the tax heavens.

AVE in Mecca

This is the subject of one of the investigations opened in our country by the prosecution of the Supreme Court: that of the alleged commission of the AVE in Mecca. We are talking about 100 million. Part of that money, $ 65 million, ended up going to an account in the Bahamas in Corinna Larsen’s name in 2012, following the Botswana scandal.

She claims they came from an alleged donation from Saudi Arabia. This operation was carried out in 2012, when Don Juan Carlos was the Head of State and therefore enjoyed inviolability. For this reason, the investigations are devoted to the archives in relation to the figure of the emeritus.

Jersey fortune

Juan Carlos I has around 10 million euros hidden away on the island of Jersey. laSexta provided this information on November 7 exclusively on an account assumed to be active in this tax haven.

The news follows the recently blown up alert from the Money Laundering Prevention Service (Sepblac) that an attempt was made to transfer money from this account recently.

Legal sources confirm to LaSexta that Sepblac was aware of the existence of this account and the money it contains. For this reason, the prosecution decided to open a new avenue of investigation to Juan Carlos I for allegations of tax crimes and money laundering. The reason is precisely this fortune detected on the island of Jersey.

Research in Switzerland

It was in Switzerland that Don Juan Carlos’ legal problems really began. The Geneva prosecution’s investigations into allegedly linked donations to the King Emeritus, which began in 2018 but were not known until March of this year, began the King’s current problems.

Geneva’s first prosecutor, Yves Bertossa, has been investigating millionaire donations linked to him and his old friend Corinna Larsen for two years, suspecting that they were money laundering operations.

These investigations in Switzerland led the Spanish justice to resume investigations concerning the King Emeritus, despite the fact that he had already resigned for lack of evidence.

The King Emeritus’ decision to leave Spain has a lot to do with the judicial fronts. After the statement released by the royal household, Don Juan Carlos’ law firm Sánchez-Junco released another communication in which it was stated that the monarch’s decision to move his residence outside the country did not was not due to a desire to escape the action of justice. In addition, the note published by the sovereign’s lawyers specifies that “he remains in any case at the disposal of the prosecution for any procedure or action that it deems appropriate.

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