“The oven for the veto is not here”

Publication: Tuesday 23 March 2021 11:37

Íñigo Errejón declared to attend “astonished” to the words of Ángel Gabilondo this Monday in ‘Al Rojo Vivo’, on laSexta, when he assured that he would not agree with Pablo Iglesias and that he would prefer Ciudadanos y Más Madrid as partners: “There is no oven for vetoes”, declared the head of Más País, for whom “we must come to an agreement with all those who are ready to have a decent and democratic government in Madrid “.

They, for their part, say they are ready to add “with those who do not practice sectarianism”: “I remember that we have already included an agreement with Ciudadanos and Ciudadanos rejected them”, even if they say that they would try again: “We would try again a government without red lines and these are vetoes.”

“With the threat of a government with Mrs. Ayuso with the extreme right, it only occurs to me to veto these extremes,” Errejón stressed during a press conference in Congress after the meeting of the Spokesperson’s Office.

For her part, More Madrid candidate Mónica García dismissed Gabilondo’s words as “unhappy” and insisted on the same message: “We are not for vetoes. There is no oven for them. vetoes. We will have to slowly explain who is putting the vetoes. to prevent Ayuso from ruling. This is our priority. There is only one alternative. Anyone who thinks of other strategies is wrong. “

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