“The owners of online platforms will not decide on freedom of thought”, why should German Chancellor Angela Merkel get angry? – freedom of opinion should not be determined by the bosses of online platforms, why German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that

German Chancellor Angeli Merkel said on Monday that the owners of the online platform would not decide on free speech. He said freedom of thought is a fundamental right and should not be hindered at any cost. It can be reduced or closed by legislation and within the framework defined by the legislature.

Debate broke out after Trump’s social media ban
The free speech debate has resurfaced around the world since US President Donald Trump banned social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. While many condemn the corporate ban on Trump’s social media accounts, many call it necessary to prevent further violence.

German Chancellor circles owners of social media platforms
The German Chancellor has expressed his point of view on this matter. Which was then communicated to the media by his spokesperson. She declared that Angela Merkel declared that freedom of thought is a fundamental right of the first importance and that this fundamental right cannot be violated. In this, something should only be done through legislation and within the framework defined by the legislator. According to the decision of the management of social media platforms, no account should be banned.

Twitter banned Trump’s account on January 9
On January 9, President Donald Trump’s account was permanently banned by social media platform Twitter following the violence in the US Parliament. In a statement released by Twitter, it was said that Donald Trump’s Twitter account is permanently suspended due to the possibility of further violence.

Facebook imposed a ban on January 7
Facebook also announced the ban on Trump’s account on January 7 for inciting violence in the US Parliament. Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg wrote that the risk of allowing Trump to post is just too dangerous. Zuckerberg said Facebook deleted President Trump’s post because we decided they could be used to incite more violence.

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