The pandemic, a big problem for workers with young children or expecting a baby

The pandemic, a big problem for workers with young children or expecting a baby

The pandemic has in many cases disrupted childcare and schooling: schools have been closed for a long time; other times they have to quarantine themselves at home because something positive has come up in the classes, etc. In Spain, for example, more than 10,000 classrooms have had to be closed due to quarantine since schools opened in September.

“What should I do with my children?

For parents this is a lifelong problem in caring for their children and with the coronavirus pandemic it has become, in many cases, their most important concern. Daily, you might say. Many parents have to juggle every day to take care of their work and care for their children.

This is a great source of stress because at this time they cannot leave their children with their grandparents for fear of contagion from the elders and also because of the limits of transfers. This stress, at best, produces low parental labor productivity and at worst, perhaps, many employees have no choice but to quit their jobs. This is the harsh reality. And to this factor are added doubts and reflections that affect people who have thought of having children or who have already “entrusted” them and who are waiting for a future motherhood / fatherhood. This is the uncertainty of the current situation.

Entrepreneurs must find a lasting balance between their work and their daily lives for their teams. And not just during the Covid-19 crisis. The personal and professional well-being of a company’s employees who are going to be parents or who already have young children is fundamental.

The Baby Friendly Companies movement seeks to reduce parenting stress and help build more human businesses and retain talent. Parents who feel supported and helped by their business in taking care of their children can better focus on their responsibilities and be more productive. This is a verified reality in the countries and in the companies where these measures are already applied. offers employee benefit programs with children with proven results. Helping teams improve their work performance, health and mental and emotional well-being is a vital necessity for businesses.

Many HR departments are wondering: how to meet the needs of employees with children? And the first answer to this question is to find out, through a survey, what team members with young children prefer. has produced, in collaboration with Womenalia, a study on trends and preferences for balancing work and family life. You can download it for free here.

Here are the main problems detected in the study study:

70% of women believe that being a mother has had a negative impact on their career. A large majority consider that there is no equitable distribution with the couple. However, in the same percentage, men claim that there is. Reconciliation is something that worries the majority of women (88%) when they are mothers and, in contrast, it always worries men in the minority (12%). 40% of women say they take care of more than 75% of household chores and children. 50% of Spanish companies do not have a social benefit system to support the work-life balance of employees with children.

When analyzing the reconciliation measures most requested by employees with children, the results coincide for men and women:

Teleworking and flexible hours where possible. Days without school and organization of summer camps, online activities and online reinforcement of educational tasks Company daycare or daycare vouchers. Online training / webinars to help reconcile and share with other colleagues and their common issues. Coaching for new parents to help them organize their new life and solve problems such as conciliation, baby sleep, breastfeeding, feeding, first aid, etc. Unlimited online access to pediatric consultations for all children at home. A birth basket with useful products for the first months of the baby’s life.

If you want to keep the best employees, the benefits of employees with children can be just as important as the medical benefits, according to a Forbes study. This study confirms it.

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